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Plug In Profit Site Review – Free Money Making Website

Plug In Profit Site Review
Plug in Profit Site - An automatic system that creates free websites to develop multiple online businesses. We'll explore this complete system in this review

In search of my online money-making systems and opportunities, I stumbled across a website that claims to provide its members with a FREE website. And not just any website, in fact, the one which made the owner of Plug In Profit Site a “Millionaire”. So I decided to give it a shot and after trying it for a couple of months, I believe I share some valuable insights about this website. Therefore, here’s my Plug In Profit Site Review.

Plug In Profit Site Review

What is Plug In Profit Site?

Well, to put it simply, Plug In Profit Site is an online money-making setup. The owner claims that it provides the setup free to its members. The very setup that helped make him a millionaire.

So what the setup exactly is? I will discuss this in detail in the “How Plug In Profit Site Works” section below. But before that, let’s gain some insights about the Plug In Profit Site’s owner and developer, Stone Evans.

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Who Is Stone Evans?

What I learned from his own website,, Stone was in a brick mortar business back in the 90’s where he owned a restaurant and a magazine but wasn’t able to make the ends meet.

After reading a book by Robert Allen, about Multiple Streams of Income, he decided to try the online world and thus, Plug-In Profit Site was born.

Stone Evans - Developer of Plug In Profit Site
Stone Evans – Developer of Plug In Profit Site

Here’s an excerpt from Stone Evans’s website:

Stone Evans is the creator & developer of the Plug-In Profit Site. Back in 1998, I had my first child and the demands of life were growing fast. I was an entrepreneur with my own restaurant and magazine, but I was struggling to make financial ends meet. At that time, I read a book called Multiple Streams of Income by Robert Allen, and my life changed. I knew I had to develop multiple streams of income for the security and prosperity of my family, and I turned to the internet to make it happen. A few years later, I created the Plug-In Profit Site and have been developing it ever since as a way to help myself and others make a living in some of the internet’s best-paying affiliate programs.

Looking at the Stone’s profile over the years it seems that he has been quite focused on Plug-In Profit Site and does not have any other online Entrepreneurial endeavors under his belt just like other seasoned online entrepreneurs.

History of Plug In Profit Site

Typically, what I do to assess any online income opportunity is to check out its domain history. Any website with a long history is more akin to be legit. This is not a foolproof way to check the legitimacy though but still works in many cases.

So checking out the history of Plug In Profit Site we find that the domain was registered back in 2002. That’s history of a decade and a half. Which I believe is a good sign of the legitimacy of any website, if you’re needing some advice on everything regarding domains you could find it on sites like and more.

However, hold on! Let’s not jump to the conclusions already.

Once we have settled the issue of the website’s history, let’s come to the million-dollar question.

And that’s, How Does Plug In Profit Site Work?

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How Plug In Profit Site Works?

Shorter Version

If you’re new in the online money-making world, then I’m afraid that you will get lost if I dive in right away into the nitty-gritty. So it’s better to first understand the outline of the program which I’ve mentioned below step by step.

  1. When you decide to join this website, a sign-up form will appear in front of you in which you need to enter your name and email address and then go to the second step.
  2. The second step asks you to join some (currently 5) online programs (details mentioned below). Some of them are paid and require your credit card information while a couple of them are absolutely free to join.
  3. Once you sign up for these programs, you need to enter your user ids of these programs in the fields given in the third step above.
  4. Finally, you need to enter your website’s domain name. Yes, you’d need to buy a domain if you want to become a member. Additionally, you’d also need to redirect Domain Name Servers (DNS) to Plug In Profit Site’s own servers. This may sound too technical but don’t worry, your domain name provider can guide you about it.
  5. Once everything is filled up and your application is submitted. Stone, after some time (maybe within a day because I don’t exactly remember) will provide you with your website (this is part of the overall setup) already filled with standard content and affiliate banners smeared all over the website.
  6. What are these affiliate banners? Do you remember the programs you joined in step 3? Well, these affiliate banners have your affiliate ID’s and tracking code. So if a person joins these websites clicking on these banners, you will eventually make money.
  7. Lastly, you will also need to join Aweber (an email responder) so that Stone emails your subscribers regular emails which will convince them to join the program and be your downline. Though joining Aweber is not necessary.

Longer Version

We’ve covered pretty much everything in the “Shorter Version” so let’s get into further details.

Let’s start by the types of programs you’re required to join before claiming Plug In Profit Site’s free money-making setup. Figure out what happens if you don’t join them? Note that the programs keep on changing so there’s quite a possibility that if you read somebody else’s review, he may have mentioned other online programs.

Claim Your Free Money Making Website

So here’s the list of programs:

1. Digital Altitude

Online training for entrepreneurs, Digital Altitude is a brainchild of Michael Force. A former marine who teaches online entrepreneurs to establish and grow their businesses.

The medium used are different products and events which are held frequently to coach the members.

Different products of Digital Altitude teach different facets of digital marketing and how they can be used to better project your businesses.

The cost of joining Digital Altitude is $37/month.

2. Six Figure Income (SFI)

The second program that you need to join is Six Figure Income (SFI). SFI is an affiliate program which primarily pays you commissions on selling products from its store called, TripleClicks.

This program is online since 1998 with 17 million members worldwide.

It’s absolutely free to join SFI therefore, needless to say, that I also joined it, tested it to gain know-how about this website. Many claim SFI to be a Multi-Level -Marketing (MLM) website but I have a slightly different opinion about it.

So you can read my SFIMG Review in order to gain more understanding of this oldest running affiliate network.

3. Traffic Authority

Traffic Authority claims that you can generate around $10,000 by buying into their traffic generating products. You make money by selling those products to other interested buyers. So in a sense, you can say that Traffic Authority follows an MLM approach.

Though the products do contain some valid and interesting marketing strategies which you can apply on your own website, but the primary source of making money remains the commission which you earn by selling TA’s product.

Though the basic membership level starts from $47/month but the price rises as you upgrade.

4. Online Sale Pro

The fourth program to join is Online Sales Pro. It’s a website which provides responsive landing pages, a back office lead management system so that you can contact and manage your leads with ease. Other than these two features the website also provides custom domain to place your landing pages on them. This is a great feature as you don’t have to worry about buying domains to place your landing pages on them.

OSP also provides social media training and other ancillary training to become a successful online entrepreneur.

In addition to the intrinsic value that Online Sales Pro provides, it also offers a 54% commission to its affiliates and that’s not a one-off payment. Affiliates get the commission as long their referral stays OSP’s member.

The basic membership costs $37/month. So an affiliate earns a minimum ($37 x 54%= $20.00/month approx.) for the referral’s lifetime.

5. BitToClick

The fifth program to join is a PTC website called BitToClick. If you’ve been following The Usual Stuff, I’m sure you know what PTC sites are as I’ve written quite a lot about them in the last couple of months.

In short, PTC websites pay you against completing small tasks such as watching ads and so does BitToClick. However, what’s unique about BitToClick is that it pays you in BitCoins.

It’s absolutely free to join BitToClick and if you need to know more about this website, I’ve written a complete BitToClick Review which discusses each and every detail of this website. Make sure you read it.

So these are the 5 websites that you need to join before applying for Plug In Profit’s free setup. One thing you may have noticed is that out of these 5 websites, 2 are absolutely free while the rest of the three require you to become a “paid” member. So does this mean that you cannot join Plug In Profit without paying for these websites? Is there any way you can claim Plug In Profit’s FREE setup without becoming a paid member of any website above?

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What If You Want To Start Using Plug In Profit Without Any Cost?

Well, there’s indeed a leeway. You can still sign up for this website if you don’t want to spend a dime on the paid memberships. You see, by default, the User IDs that appear in the fields where you’re required to enter your own IDs are either of your referrer or Stone Evans’s himself.

Let’s say you landed on Plug In Profit site by following a link in this article. Since the link contains my referral ID, you will see my usernames in the respective fields of the websites I talked about above.

You can replace my ID with yours but in case you’re not willing to join any paid site, you can leave my IDs as is.

In reality, even I have saved money by not enrolling for the membership of any paid website. So in that case you will see Plug In Profit Site’s own user IDs.

So joining Plug In Profit Site is quite possible without even becoming a member of all the 5 websites above.

CBU 300x250-min

Is There Any Cost Of Joining Plug In Profit Site?

Technically, NO. The website itself does not ask for any money to become its member. However, there’s one investment that you need to make and that’s buying a domain as the FREE SETUP will be placed on your domain. Without a domain, you cannot have your setup and thus it’s no use joining this website.

Since I already had a “spare” domain at my disposal, I didn’t have to invest a dime on Plug In Profit Site to become its member. A domain costs you around $12-$15 a year so it’s not that heavy investment to put at stake in the first place anyway.

In addition to the domain, there’s one more investment that you MAY need to make and that’s becoming a member Aweber.

Aweber is an email auto-responder using which you can automate your emails.

I used the word, “May” as signing up for Aweber isn’t sort of a “Deal Breaker”. You can pass this step.

The only reason you need this autoresponder is so that Stone Evans can pitch your “prospects” with 400 automated emails selling different products (of course, with your affiliate IDs in the link) so that when they buy anything following those links, you make money.

Other than that, the free setup that the website provides has an opt-in form integrated with your Aweber account. So if any visitor signs up for your newsletter, you get a lead which you can use to pitch other products and services. Thus each subscriber has a potential to become a source of multiple incomes and in order to manage them effectively, you’d need an auto-responder.

In case you don’t sign up for Aweber, you won’t be able to get new leads and Stone won’t send any emails to your leads.

Since we have established an idea of the structure of how Plug In Profit Site works, let’s come to the million dollars question:

What Actually Is The FREE Setup?

The FREE setup is actually the ecosystem that PIPS provide once you become a member. The ecosystem includes a website, back office members area, training material etc.

So let’s dissect all these elements a bit in detail.

1. WordPress Powered Website

The most important platform to promote and in turn make money online is the pre-designed and WordPress powered website. This website has affiliate banners of the programs that you joined while registering for PIPS.

2. Back Office Members Area

Plug In Profit Site provides you with the login info for the members’ area. This member area has all the resources/literature which you can read and apply in order to become an effective digital marketer.

3. Access To Forum

As a PIPS member you have access to forums where you can interact with experienced digital marketers and gain valuable advice from them.

4. Training & Promotional Materials

The training and promotional materials include:

  • Series of emails from Stone to teach more about digital marketing.
  • Free traffic generating system to drive traffic to your website above.
  • List of 3,000 real human subscribers that you can contact immediately to promote any product or program you want.
  • 47-Newbie Internet Marketing videos to help “rookies” get started with online marketing.
  • 25 Free backlinks pointing to your website. Backlinks are important off-page optimization factor to help you rank better in Google. It should go without saying that backlinks are not to be overlooked. However, I’m afraid that this is not the only factor that decides your position therefore, I wouldn’t depend heavily on the backlinks alone. Although these backlinks are better than nothing but still I will take them with a grain of salt.
  • An eBook about digital and online marketing branded with your affiliate links. You can market the book to your visitors and collect their email addresses.
  • Most importantly, and the best element of this whole ecosystem is the opportunity for a 1-on-1 coaching session with Stone himself. You can schedule a call with him where he will provide you with valuable tips on his computer screen so that you can learn from the veteran himself.

There are 3-4 other bonuses as well that Plug In Profit Site provides to its members. I won’t mention them all with the hope that you get the gist. In short, all the material that Stone provides helps in one way or the other to promote your website.

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How Can You Make Money With Plug In Profit Site?

To know the answer to this question, first, have a look at the website that Stone Evans provided me when I became a member. This website is pretty much the same for every member.

You can have a good look at the website here. (Link opens in new tab)

You may notice the banners all over. Needless to say that you make money when someone clicks on these banners and then buy the product and/or signs up and becomes your referral. Of course, this only works when you provide Stone with your user IDs so that he can add them under the hood. So you don’t need any technical expertise at all to add your referral links in the banners. Everything is already done for you.

Other than that, you also make money when your referral while becoming the member of PIPS, skips becoming a member of any of the 5 programs above and leave your User Id as is. This way you get a direct referral as well as referrals from your referrals’ websites’ banners.

Third, you make money from the emails that Stone forwards to your leads pitching different products. In fact, since you have access to 3,000 subscribers that Stone provides, you can promote other products as well.

Of course, the conversion rates of the emails vary so I cannot say for sure how much you will make per email.

How Does Plug In Profit Site Make Money?

Well, this is an obvious question. If the system is free to join (with no up-sells) then how in the world is it able to sustain for so long?

As I said that if you don’t enter your user IDs of the 5 programs above, Plug In Profit Site adds the IDs of your referrer. However, what happens when you were referred by no one? In that case, if you don’t sign up for any one of the 5 websites, Plug In Profit Site enters Stone’s ID instead. Moreover, PIPS also earns commissions from Aweber subscription as well.

This tactic has been quite effective for Stone as the last time I checked, he’s the leading affiliate of Six Figure Income (SFI). One of the programs that you’re required to join.

Downsides of Plug In Profit Site

To be straightforward, the main page (or the sales page) of PIPS is a bit over-hyped. It says that the same system helped him make 6-figures over the years but the truth is that it most likely is not going to work for you.

The reason is that the content of the website is the same for every member. So forget getting organic traffic to these websites. Since Stone promises to provide 25 backlinks to your website but even those 25 backlinks aren’t going to work as Google prefers original content which the ready-made website lacks.

With NO traffic you get NO affiliate or referral commissions. So the system is not that effective and sustainable as Stone purports it to be.

Yes, you can add your content since you have WordPress ID and password but that means you need to create content in the same niche that the banners belong and that’s digital marketing and online entrepreneurship. This niche itself is pretty saturated so even if you create original content in the niche, you will face a hard time becoming an authoritative figure.

Moreover, many say that the level of training provided by Stone is quite basic. I’ve seen some of the training material and I believe that even if it’s not the best, then at least it should rank above the basic stuff. I’ve been in the field of online marketing for 2 years but still, I found a couple of new things. So the training can come in handy especially for the beginners despite when many claim it to be ordinary.

Who Should Join Plug In Profit Site?

According to me, those who are not aware of the online money making world and are just starting out in this field. PIPS can be a good starting point for them. The reason is that you ought to have your blog and an autoresponder. These two are the basic and essential elements of your online entrepreneurship. Without collecting emails of your prospects, I’m afraid, you won’t go that far. So if you are a newbie, grab a web hosting, domain and Aweber subscription and sign up for PIPS. Once you have the website from Stone, either edit it with your original content by paraphrasing it or start adding your own and fresh content frequently.

Meanwhile, learn from the emails that Stone forwards to your leads. You can do that by signing up for your own newsletter. This way you will also receive emails from Stone which will be a great source of learning as you will get to know how the veteran digital marketers project themselves or the products in their emails. Believe me, if you are able to extract something meaningful from these email campaigns, the email marketing skills will take you a long way.

Moreover, Stone frequently shares traffic generating tips with his members. For newbies, these tips can serve quite a purpose. Additionally, access to the like-minded community in the members’ area can really boost your performance as you get to mingle with the pros.

What’s My Opinion About Plug In Profit Site? Is It Legit?

Is Plug-In Profit Site scam or legit? My answer is that it’s NOT a scam. However, you’d be disappointed if you rely heavily on PIPS claim and expect the system alone to generate 6-figure for you. In fact, without proper and active marketing, the system itself does not hold enough water to sustain even itself. Let alone establishing a passive stream of income.

The website came into existence back in 2002 and to be fair, the business model is too 2010ish…!

However, if you’re able to market it well, I believe you can definitely bag quite a handful commission.

For e.g. leave the free programs for time being. Let’s just talk about Online Sales Pro which gives you 54% commission for the member’s lifetime. This means that even if you’re able to convince just 2 people to join the website using your affiliate link, you will achieve a positive ROI.

So my tip would be to utilize the training material to its fullest, learn the underlying techniques of digital marketing, email marketing and traffic generation techniques and establish your online career from there. Interact with as many members as possible and extract whatever you can from them (of course, without irritating them) and only then you will get the value for your time and money.

Concluding My Plug In Profit Site Review

I hope this Plug In Profit Site review provides you with valuable information and help you decide if you should join this website. I’d love to know your opinion in the comments section. In case you want to join Plug In Profit Site, below is the link: