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GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program Review – How to Make At Least $1,196 Every Month Passively

GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program Review
GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program is a great way to earn a decent income by promoting this funnels builder. The best part, the affiliate commissions are recurring so you can earn a decent passive income by promoting GrooveFunnels

GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program is one of the most lucrative affiliate program that pays its affiliates quite handsomely and that on a recurring basis.

Since I’m a huge fan of passive income and keep looking for ways to make money online where you work actively once, set up a system, and then see money pouring in almost on auto-pilot, when it comes to affiliate programs, needless to say that I do prefer those that pay you on a recurring basis for life.

Well, GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program is one such affiliate program that pays you again, and again, and again….

As long as your affiliate keeps using their services.

So in this GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program Review, I’ll share some important details about their commission rates, how can you join the program, when and how does GrooveFunnels pay its affiliates, and most importantly, what are some of the tweaks that can boost your affiliate income from a few hundred per month to thousands of dollars per month and that on a complete auto-pilot.

Which means that you will be making money even when you sleep.

So I’ll be discussing the features of this affiliate program in a question and answer format just to make sure that I answer all the questions aptly.

Feel free to post your comment below just in case you have any more questions.

How Do I Join The GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program? Is There Any Cost To Join The Affiliate Program?

Fortunately, if you have gone through my GrooveFunnels Review you may already know that right now, GrooveFunnels is absolutely free.

Joining the GrooveFunnels affiliate program is quite simple and FREE OF COST. All you need to be is a GrooveFunnels user to promote their affiliate program.

However, I cannot guarantee that for how long it is going to stay like that as GrooveFunnels have expressed this many times that they will eliminate their free accounts in the future.

Anyways, as for now, you can start promoting the GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program without any upfront cost.

However, being a paid GrooveFunnels member will bring you more benefits which I have discussed below.

Therefore, although you can join and promote GrooveFunnels for free, becoming a paid member is more beneficial.

Now, let’s see that how does the GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program works.

What is the GrooveFunnels Affiliate Commission Rate?

The commission rates are different for different types of users.

For free users, the commission rate is 20% and for the paid members, the commission rate is double, 40%.

What this means is that if you’re a free member and any leads signs up using your affiliate link, you will get 20% of whatever he pays towards GrooveFunnels.

This also means that you won’t get anything unless your lead decides to become a paid member.

Multi-Tier (2-Tier) Commissions For Lifetime Deal Account Holders

Another lucrative option that GrooveFunnels offer to its Lifetime account holders is that not only they earn (40%) commissions on their affiliates but also a 10% commission on every paid lead that even your affiliate generates.

If it’s getting confusing then don’t worry, let me show you the calculations.

How Much Money Can You Make From GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program?

Right at this moment, GrooveFunnels offers two pricing plans.

The Free plan and the Lifetime Deal plan.

The free plan is quite obvious. Your lead just need to sign up with his email address and he can use the most basic version without even entering his credit card details.

As an affiliate, you won’t earn anything if your lead decides to stay as a free user.

However, as soon as he becomes a paid user and decides to go for the lifetime deal, you will earn either 20% or 40% of his payment. That of course, depends on your own status as well. Whether you yourself are a paid or a free user.

Just to simplify it a bit more, when you are a paid member yourself, you’ll receive a double commission on every eligible account as compared to when you’re a free member provided that your affiliate becomes a paid user.

So, let’s assume that one of your lead opts for the lifetime deal and pays $1,397. A one-off payment.

You will earn $558.8 ($1,397 x 40%) as a paid user and $279.4 ($1,397 x 20%) as a free user.

Now, if you’ve gone through the GrooveFunnels Price Increase in 2021 section in one of my articles about GrooveFunnels, you’ll know that GrooveFunnels is planning to increase its prices later in the year. In fact, they are planning to introduce a recurring monthly pricing structure as well.

So if that actually happens then there will be two pricing tiers.

  1. $99/month for the basic users
  2. $299/month for platinum users

If everything goes according to the plan then here’s what you can potentially earn every month as long as your affiliate keeps paying, from GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program:

From a single basic user, you can earn $39.6/month ($99 x 40%) as a paid member and $19.8/month ($99 x 20%) if you decide to stay as a free user.

Similarly, if your lead decides to buy the platinum plan then for obvious reasons, your affiliate commission will also go up and in that case, you can potentially earn this much from a single lead:

$119.6 ($299 x 40%) as a paid member and $59.6 ($299 x 20%) as a free member.

Now, let’s suppose that an affiliate of yours goes on and gets a lead himself. Now, assuming that you’re a lifetime platinum member, here’s how much you’ll earn from this whole activity.

  • 40% Affiliate Commission from your affiliate, plus
  • 10% Commission under GrooveFunnels 2-Tier commission structure

So talking purely in numbers, here’s how much money you can potentially make from a single paid affiliate:

($1,397 x 40%) + ($1,397 x 10%) = $698.5

$698.5 just from a single affiliate. Imagine if you manage to induct an army of affiliates in your downline. You’d definitely be breaking the bank.

How To Make At Least $1,196 Per Month Passively?

Now, that’s the commission for a one-off payment. Since GrooveFunnels plans to charge on a monthly basis from next year, your whole commission income could turn out to be totally passive and recurring once the monthly pricing goes live.

Let’s say that being a paid user yourself, you’re able to successfully promote GrooveFunnels to 10 users who decide to become premium users and gain access to all the features of all the available apps by paying $299/month.

The price that’s under consideration.

Since you’re a paid user yourself, you will get 40% commission on every payment from your affiliate.

In that case, the recurring affiliate commission that you will get is:

$299/Month x 10 Users x 40% Commission = $1,196/Month

Now, if you think that promoting GrooveFunnels to 10 users is a highly optimistic estimate then think again. I believe that it’s realistic or a rather cautious assumption due to the fact that GrooveFunnels is still in the growth phase.

With all the features it is offering against the meager cost, users are switching from other apps to GrooveFunnels and this is the reason why GrooveFunnels is the fastest-growing sales funnels builder.

However, a basic trick is that you yourself need to become a paid user otherwise you will only get half of the affiliate commissions.

If You Switch From Free To Lifetime Deal Will All Your Old Affiliates Convert To 40% Commission?

Just in case you’ve started to think of some sneaky tricks and gaming the system by upgrading to the Platinum lifetime plan once you think that you have enough affiliates so that the upgrade fees will be covered by the jump in the affiliate commissions of the existing affiliates from 20% to 40% then I hate to break it to you that GrooveFunnels is way ahead of you on this.

GrooveFunnels keeps a record of all your pre and post-upgrade affiliates so you get paid according to your own subscription plan at the time your affiliate signs up using your link.

How Long Is The Cookie Duration?

Once a user signs up following your affiliate link he becomes tagged to your account for a lifetime and that’s the best thing that the GrooveFunnels Affiliate program offers. What this means is that all you have to do is to make sure that a user at least signs up for a free account so that whenever he upgrades, you earn the commission.

Having said that, one question that pops un in mind is that what happens if a free user who signed up using your link, upgrades and becomes platinum lifetime member. Who will earn the commission then?

Well, in that case, Groove Affiliate Assist comes into play.

What is Groove Affiliate Assist?

Groove Affiliate Assist ensures that you get to taste the fruit of your hard work by locking in your affiliate for lifetime.

What this means is that if an affiliate becomes a free user using your affiliate link, he will be locked in the records as your affiliate for life so that whenever he decides to upgrade, even if it’s because of the efforts of some other user, the commission will be distributed 50-50. Half to you and the other half to the person who motivated your affiliate to upgrade.

How Do You Get Paid?

GrooveFunnels pays you either via PayPal or a wire. In order to configure your payments settings, follow the below steps:

Configure Payment Settings

  1. On the main dashboard, click the Apps icon
    GrooveFunnels Apps Icon
  2. Go to Affiliate Earnings
    GrooveFunnels Affiliate Earnings App
  3. Click the Settings link present on the sidebar and then select the Payment tab
    GrooveFunnels Affiliate Payment Settings Configuration - PayPal Bank Wire
  4. Enter your PayPal email address in the PayPal tab
  5. Or if you want to be get paid directly in your bank account then click the Wire tab and enter your complete bank information.

When Do You Get Paid?

The payouts are made weekly, however, you need to understand the difference between the payouts and when the commission is approved and released.

Even though the payouts are made once every week, your commission may take from 37 to 42 days to reach you.

30 days is the time that GrooveFunnels take to audit and release your commission. In addition to these 30 days, GrooveFunnels may take additional 7 days buffer period to hold your commission just in case your lead changes his mind and asks for refund.

Similarly, the affiliate commission is based on the amount actually paid by your lead, if you refer an account who does not go beyond the trial period, you will get no commission.

How To Check Your Total Commission & Estimated Payment Date

You can check your estimated payment date and other important affiliate stats by going to the Reporting link in the Affiliate Earnings app

GrooveApps Affiliate Transaction Reporting

Here you can check all your earnings, payment history, list of affiliates and sub-affiliates, assists, date when the sale occurred, etc. All you need to do is to take the date of sale and add additional 37-42 days to it to arrive at your estimated commission receiving date.

How To Generate The GrooveFunnels Affiliate Link?

  • After signing up, log in to your Groovefunnels account
  • Click the Groove Affiliate Program button on the top-right side of the dashboard
    Groove Affiliate Program Button
  • If you scroll down you can see all your promotional tools such as links, banners, email swipes, etc.
    Groove Affiliate Promotion Tools
  • For this tutorial, we’ll click the Links button to find our affiliate links
  • You will notice that there are many affiliate links all leading to different GrooveFunnels pages and offers. Choose the one that you find most appropriate. If unclear, choose the very first link.
    How to generate GroovFunnels Affiliate Link

How to Promote GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program?

Not just GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program, these tips work for any other affiliate program that you want to promote. The basic objective is to put your link in front of many people as possible.

And to achieve that you can promote the link through following ways:

  1. Create a blog and write helpful and informative relevant content. You’d need to learn SEO to make sure that your blog ranks well on search engines
  2. Promote the program on the relevant forums and QA websites. Some of these websites that I use myself are Quora, WarriorPlus, etc. Just make sure that you do not spam on these platforms.
  3. Buy Google, Bing, Facebook, and ads on other social media platforms. You can also buy banner ads on other relevant websites and blogs that receive a good amount of traffic
  4. Start a Facebook group or a community on other social media websites. The trick is to make sure that you don’t act sleazy and your primary objective should be to solve the issues of the members
  5. Write guest posts on other blogs.
  6. Create videos on YouTube and other video hosting platforms

One of the best ways to promote the GrooveFunnels (or any other) program is to offer incentives to your readers. This incentive could be anything. Like a cheat sheet, survey stats, video guide, tutorial, or a discount coupon, etc. Luckily, GrooveFunnels allows you to create such incentives. Read my article, How to add bonuses in GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program?

Best Strategy to Promote GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program

Above you may have noticed that almost every promotional tactic requires creating content. So the question is that what kind of content will force your readers to take action and sign up following your link.

Therefore, in order to create a quality content that gives you high conversion follow the below steps:

#1. Understand The Product

The best way to do is by using the product yourself. Understand how it works, learn its features, its pros and cons. In short, the basic purpose is to make sure that when your readers go through your content, they don’t feel like that you know nothing about it.

Your readers will only take action when they’ll feel that you’re answering their questions and this won’t be possible without using the product.

#2. Understand Your Target Audience

You can do this by observing the marketing tactics of GrooveFunnels itself. See who are they targeting.

Take a mental note of the fact that what kind of people usually sign up for GrooveFunnels. In fact, not only just GrooveFunnels, you can also see what audience its competitors target.

#3. Figure Out Where Your Target Audience Hangs Out

One you know about your target audience it becomes a bit easier to find where they usually hangout online. For e.g. are there any specific forums, Facebook or any other social media pages dedicated to such people.

Quite logically, if you’ve figured out all the nuances of the product yourself, it’s easier to find the answer to such questions.

#4. Understand The Problems Of Your Target Audience

See what questions are they asking. Observe the common problems that these people are facing and the roadblocks they are ending up with in their businesses.

Understand all these requirements of your target audience and once you have answers to all these questions, it’s time to move on to step number 4.

#5. Create Content Around The Problem And Use It As A Hook

Once you find that enough people are facing the same issue, it’s time to create unique content where this problem takes the center stage and show them how GrooveFunnels can help them overcome it.

You can create a blog post, a guest post, a Facebook post, a YouTube video, or any other form of content addressing this problem.

Final Word

No doubt, the GrooveFunnels affiliate program is one of the best and lucrative affiliate programs out there. Recurring or one-off, the amount of commission is quite sufficient to help you make good money online, and being a fan and proponent of creating passive income streams and making money on a recurring basis, I’m eagerly waiting for the time when GrooveFunnels will switch to the monthly pricing.

Just in case you’re still wondering if you should join GrooveFunnels, I’d suggest you do that today. It’s absolutely free and you won’t even have to enter your credit card details. Just follow the link below.