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Complete GrooveFunnels Review 2021 – Overview, Features, Pricing

GrooveFunnels Review
GrooveFunnels is one of the fastest-growing sales funnel builder that provides extensive features at a very low cost. However, the question remains if the low cost has any impact on its quality? Is GrooveFunnels even worth your time and money?

As far as I remember, I first saw GrooveFunnels as an ad in my Google search results.

Now, chalk it up to their killer ad-copy, or maybe the term, “Free” caught my attention, despite using GetResponse as my very basic funnel tool, I still decided to give GrooveFunnels a try.

Yes, you got it right. I still get goosebumps whenever I overhear the word, FREE and have tried many things that I never needed just because I didn’t have to pay anything.

And I don’t have any plans of changing this habit any time soon!

Anyways, I decided to give GrooveFunnels a shot and after using it for some time, found it quite reasonable and economical.

Although the platform was (and even at the time of writing this article, is) a little buggy but I’m willing to cut them a slack owing to the fact that the product is relatively new, and despite having a team of dedicated testers, there are still many glitches that sprout and only can be taken care of in a real-time environment.

Having worked as an ERP consultant for good 4-5 years, this is my first-hand experience.

even though there I had the urge to jot down my experience over here so that it may help my readers in deciding whether they should even use GrooveFunnels or go for the alternatives.

So in this GrooveFunnels review, I’ll go you through what it actually is, how can it help you in growing your business, what is GrooveFunnels best for, who should use this tool, and above all, is it even worth your time and money.

Also, given the theme of this blog, where my objective is to teach you that how can you make money online and above all, create passive income streams for yourself, I’ll also dedicate a section where I will guide you that how can you use GrooveFunnels to make money.

Before starting our review please read this important disclosure:

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What is GrooveFunnels?

GrooveFunnels is a cloud-based marketing software that originally started out as a tool to build sales funnels but now has transformed into a complete sales and marketing management suite that has now grown into a family of 18 different apps. Or as they boast, All-in-One Marketing Tool.

Although, I would say that at its core, GrooveFunnel is still a funnel builder to attract and collect leads but what it is aiming for is to replace the need to use different apps for different marketing purposes.

So GrooveFunnels is going against the grain as instead of focusing on just one product, they are providing a complete set of tools to boost your marketing efforts.

Maybe the founders (who are experienced marketers themselves) saw the need for such product as they realized the labor that a digital marketer has to go through in switching between and integrating different apps, hence they decided to create a platform that can serve as a single source of the collective marketing efforts.

GrooveFunnels Founders

Mike Filsaime

Mike Filsaime is the one who actually came up with this idea of developing a single platform for all the marketing needs. An internet marketer himself, Mike is known as the Michael Jordan of Internet Marketing where he has written extensively about Funnels, Upsells, funnel optimization, etc.

According to him, Russell (from ClickFunnels) and he started out on their internet marketing journey almost together where they helped each other out. Later on, Russell went on to create the phenomenal, ClickFunnels and Mike came up with its competitor, Kartra. Yet another tool to create automated sales funnels.

Mike Filsaime - Owner of GrooveFunnels

With $50,000 income in the year 2003, Mike quickly jumped to almost $5 million dollars in a single year, in just 4 years. That shows that Mike not only means business but also knows how to put the money where the mouth is.

Learning from Kartra and following almost the same footing, Mike has now come up with Groove Digital which is just an umbrella term used for all the software and apps for online marketing. Including GrooveFunnels as well.

As it turns out, Mike is not the sole founder of GrooveFunnels as there are two more team members as well who have built this funnel builder from the ground up. However, it seems like that they prefer working in the shadows.

These founders are:

John Cornetta

Currently the President of GrooveDigital, John is an e-commerce expert, speaker, veteran online marketer and surprisingly, an actor as well.

He runs his own newsletter at where he talks about marketing, inspirational videos, etc.

Matt Serralta

Matt is the COO of GrooveDigital and has worked as a COO of many other businesses as well. In addition to that his LinkedIn profile also says that he has experience in the marketing and advertising industry.

What Does GrooveFunnels Do?

So now that we have taken care of the basic introduction, let’s see what GrooveFunnels actually does.

As I said above, GrooveFunnels basically act as an all-in-one marketing platform where you can boost your digital marketing efforts and eventually make more sales by creating automated funnels, web pages, autoresponders, etc.

Since it is not a single app and every app serves a different purpose, it’s very difficult to explain in a single paragraph that what does GrooveFunnels do.

Therefore, I’ll very briefly explain that what does each and every app do instead, along with their pros and cons.

According to my own experience that I’ve learned after personally using GrooveFunnels, you can do the following:

#1. GroovePagesTM

Drag-and-Drop Page, Website and Funnel Builder

GroovePage Builder

GroovePages can act as a great alternative for website builders. Using GroovePages you can create static website pages to promote your business, create landing pages to act as funnels, and integrate with other platforms to add more functionalities.

Being completely drag-and-drop based, even a simple layman can easily create stunning pages without any hassles.

Furthermore, you can connect your page with your own custom domain to add more professionalism.

You can create 3 GroovePages from your free account and unlimited pages once you upgrade to PRO.

  • Unlimited websites and sales funnels for upgraded members

  • Unlimited custom domains for premium users

  • Unlimited bandwidth and hosting

  • Easy to use, drag and drop editor – No coding skills required

  • Add Google Analytics code and your own custom tracking code

  • Test how your page looks on different devices such as monitor, mobile, tab, etc.

  • Add Open Graph (OG) images for better social media appearance

  • Some features may either stop working or acting funny. So the product is although still buggy but they are getting there.

#2. GrooveMembersTM

Membership Hosting & Online Course Management Platform

Create a member hosting platform using GrooveMembers just like Kajabi, Teachable, and Thinkific.

Moreover, you can create online courses, set up instructors, provide access to the courses to your students based on their membership and success level.

This means that you can allow premium members to view more courses when compared to the basic or free students.

The whole portal can be designed using simple-to-use drag-and-drop features so designing a professional members’ area becomes quite simple.

In fact, GrooveMember is a complete course management system where you can create courses, upload videos via GrooveVideos and start teaching your students without any hassle.

  • Create unlimited memberships sites

  • Create multiple tiers with different price points

  • Assign different access levels to different membership levels

  • Elements can be dragged-and-dropped so customizing and designing your members portal becomes quite simple

  • Drip content time-release schedule

  • Single course portal for your users which means that they can access multiple courses from a single portal

  • Brand your own course or membership site with your own domain name

  • Membership sites are mobile responsive

  • Does not allow you to add your own brand’s theme colors but this feature is going to be released soon

  • The module is still buggy – Even the error messages haven’t been dumbed down to be understood by a layman

#3. GrooveSellTM

Shopping Cart & Sales Management Platform


GrooveSell is an online sales management platform that helps you sell digital products, create product funnels and affiliate programs to boost your sales.

You can configure your payment gateways to process payments and create and upload your products in the marketplace.

In fact, you can also join and promote the affiliate programs created by other members, that you can find in the GrooveSell’s Marketplace.

  • Unlimited shopping carts and checkouts

  • Create upsells, downsells and order bumps

  • You can customize oder forms with your own brand colors, allow people to choose their own username and passwords.

  • Create affiliate programs and social proof of purchases

  • Accommodates multiple currencies

  • Create coupons and discount codes for products

  • Export customer contacts and emails in csv file

  • Two step order forms is not available but coming soon

#4. GrooveMailTM

Email Marketing & Automation Tool


Automate your email marketing campaigns and send your subscribers series of targeted emails using GrooveMails.

You can choose from the variety of ready-made opt-in forms templates are already available and categorize and create relevant segments of your email list.

GrooveMail comes with its own tracking tools that provide valuable insights about your email campaigns and even better, you can automate all your workflows, sit back and relax and let GrooveMail do all the work.

  • Up to 10,000 email contacts on lifetime plan

  • Compartmentalize your leads by adding tags and segments to your email list

  • Set up automation and workflows based on the predefined triggering events  

  • Marketing automation to add memberships

  • Create email broadcasts, autoresponders, and sequences

  • Few of their features are still buggy for instance, at the time of writing this article, their New Form button is not working.

  • The feature to import lists and email leads from other platforms is still not there.

#5. GrooveKartTM

Launch your own e-commerce store


If you want to create your own e-commerce store but don’t have funds to pay for hefty fees of popular platforms like Shopify then GrooveKart can be your go-to e-commerce platform.

Using GrooveKart, you can create neatly designed e-commerce stores that cane be integrated with all the popular payment options.

In other words, you can get a fully functional online store within just a few clicks and at a lot lesser cost than what you would have to pay for other platforms.

  • Create unlimited e-commerce stores (one store after every 30 days). 

  • Connect your store with your own custom domain

  • Import and migrate your Shopify store in minutes using the Shopify Migration Tool

  • Add unlimited products, product categories, and variants, set up discounts and categories

  • Use the drag-and-drop visual editor to create and customize your online store

  • Has a special section and apps dedicated to businesses following Print-On-Demand and Dropshipping models

  • Customize your store and product pages for higher conversion instead of a fixed theme layout

  • Integrate your store with In-built apps like quizzes, product reviews, spin wheels, live chat, coupons, tax jar and more for free

  • Integrates with the most popular payment gateways like PayPal, Credit Cards or even set up a Cash-on-Delivery (CoD) payment method

  • No monthly fixed charges. Pay only on transactions.

  • Built-in templates for Legal Pages so that you don’t have to waste time on churning out boring legal content

  • For obvious reasons, the features are not that extensive as say, Shopify or WooCommerce, etc.

#6. GrooveBlogTM

Blogging Platform


This one is quite a powerful tool that GrooveFunnels offer. You can create stunning blogs within just a few clicks and just like any powerful and popular CMS like WordPress, you can write and publish your posts on GrooveBlog.

The best thing is that you can integrate your GrooveBlog with GroovePages as well or add your custom domain to your blog. Originally, the domain that GrooveFunnels offer is a subdomain with as the parent domain.

For free users you create just one blog, however, the PRO users can create as many blogs as they want.

  • Unlimited GrooveBlogs for PRO users

  • Customize the original theme using a simple drag-and-drop visual editor  

  • Blog theme is responsive and loads swiftly

  • Ability to create tags and categories for your blog posts

  • Setup Facebook comments on your blog posts 

  • Ability to embed your own social media accounts

  • Custom domain integration – host Grooveblog on your own domain name

  • Embed Ad tracking and  tracking and pixel codes for monetization and tracking respectively

  • Limited Post editing options

  • I haven’t been able to figure out how to set a static homepage for the blog just like WordPress – One option is to use GroovePages along with GrooveBlog

  • If you’re an advanced user and want to use extensive features, then GrooveBlog is not an ideal alternative to WordPress

  • Limited SEO features

#7. GrooveVideoTM

Online Video Hosting & Analytics Platform


With GrooveVideo you can upload and host your videos and embed them in different GrooveApps like GrooveMember, etc.

Additionally, GrooveVideo also provides you with complete analytics of your video. Like how many times was a video viewed, how many viewers were unique, how many viewers watched the complete video, and other useful analytics like that to give you better insights about the overall quality of your videos.

As a free member you can upload 15 videos whereas the PRO members can upload as many videos as they want.

Besides, Free users need to connect to their online storage drive (Amazon S3) to upload their videos whereas, the PRO users get 100GB of free space.

  • Upload, host and track private videos

  • Ability to tag viewers according to their viewing behaviors

  • Embed video in other Groove Apps like GroovePage and GrooveBlog, GroovemeMbers, etc.

  • Add opt-in forms to unlock a video

  • Add CTA banners, logos, overlay text, etc. in your videos

  • Show or hide video controls and add your own color theme that goes along with your own brand

  • Analytics of impressions, unique views, total finished and watch time.

  • Needs more detailed video analytics and integration with other Groove apps

  • Need to create an online account on Amazon S3 which means that GrooveVideos does not offer its own online storage platform

#8. GrooveAffiliateTM

Affiliate Management System

GrooveAffiliate Management System

This is an affiliate management system that helps you manage your list of affiliates. This module is closely related to GrooveSell that we’ve already discussed above.

With GrooveAffiliate you can create affiliate leaderboard, create affiliate promos and use other vital tools to help induct more affiliates and manage them effectively.

  • Unlimited affiliate programs

  • Create affiliate promo tools

  • Affiliate Leaderboards

  • Assign specific commission rates for top affiliates

  • Affiliate tracking and conversions

  • Ability to add affiliate bonuses to boost your affiliate commissions

  • Payouts to affiliate aren’t sync to your payment gateway

#9. GrooveDeskTM

Customer Support Management System

  • This is a customer-support helpdesk with a robust ticketing system to enable you to provide effective support services to your members.
  • It also includes other essential features like team inboxes, live chat, etc.
  • Although still in the development process, GrooveDesk is poised to be doled out on June 31, 2021.
  • GrooveDesk integrates with other Groove modules like GrooveSell to provide you valuable metrics of your customers so that you can fine-tune your performance.
  • Create multichannel customer support ecosystem including live chat, email and self-help articles

  • Add unlimited agents to your team without paying anything extra

  • Use the built-in feedback metrics system to analyze and stats and figure out reasons for cancellations and refunds. Measure team performance

  • Since this module still has to be released, it’d be too early to write its cons.

#10. GrooveWebinarTM LIVE

  • Host live webinars with all the functionalities of a modern webinar hosting app to increase your sales.
  • Connect GrooveWebinar with all the other Groove Apps like GrooveSell, GrooveKart, and others to maximize your conversion from webinars.
  • Get important information about vital metrics such as watch time, drop-offs, etc.
  • Show your screen or your camera, handle multiple presenters, hold Q&A sessions seamlessly.
  • Enjoy the range of wide choices of webinar templates to make your webinars even more engaging
  • GrooveWebinars LIVE will be released on July 15, 2021

#11. GrooveWebinarTM AUTOMATED

  • Schedule and broadcast your pre-recorded webinars with just one click either one-off or recurring basis
  • GrooveWebinar Automated provides you with stats on chats, watch time and drop-offs
  • Use pre-made webinar landing page templates to collect more attendees
  • This module can potentially replace other webinar automation tools like EverWebinar
  • GrooveWebinarsTM Automated was set to go live in April 2021 but seems like that it has been delayed with no date given

#12. GrooveStreamingTM

  • Similar to Streamyard’s live streaming studio, broadcast your webinars directly from your browser. No download required whatsoever
  • Live stream your webinars simultaneously on different famous social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.
  • See important stats like viewer comments on screen, answer their questions, and connect to your audience
  • Add call to actions within your broadcast
  • Set your own tone and flavor by branding your live stream with your own logo and brand colors
  • GrooveStreamingTM is set to dole out on 30TH SEPTEMBER 2021.

#13. GrooveProofTM

Boost Conversion by Adding Social Proof to Any Website or Landing Pages

Websites have noticed boost in their conversion by 15%-25% when they add social proofs on their website.

Just in case you are new to this concept, social proofs are small pop ups that spring in front of the website visitors as soon as another visitor performs an action. In most cases this action is either a purchase or a sign up.

This concept was first sold as a service by Provely and now you can also do the same using GrooveProof.

In fact, GrooveFunnels also does the same on its website.

Using GrooveProof, you can now add these enticing pop ups on your landing pages and websites so that you can subconsciously motivate visitors on your website to take action.

#14. GrooveSurveyTM

Create & Manage Surveys

  • Create surveys and add them on your landing pages to collect leads
  • The responses received can be used to create segments of your leads to create even better targeted marketing campaign
  • Connect these quizzes with GrooveMail to create auto-responders and automated email sequences based on the responses.

#15. GrooveQuizTM (Coming Soon)

Create & Manage Quizes

  • Create engaging and interactive quizzes to collect leads for your marketing campaigns.
  • Integrate these quizzes with GrooveMail to retain contacts.
  • Segment and classify your leads based on their responses for better targeted marketing campaigns.
  • GrooveQuizzes will be released in July 2021.

#16. GrooveCalendarTM (Coming Soon)

Time Management & Scheduling Platform

  • Manage your team meetings or schedule calls with your leads or customers for consultation
  • Even your team members and leads can schedule an appointment with you. And just like Calendly and other appointment scheduling software, all of this is updated in real-time.
  • In case of paid appointments, you can integrate GrooveCalendar with GrooveSell and charge for payments.
  • Also integrate with GrooveMail to send automated sequences
  • Set up timely reminders, pre, and post-event notifications, rescheduling, and cancellation notifications.
  • GrooveCalendar also integrates with Google Calendar to enjoy a more synchronized life.
  • This Groove App will be released in August 2021.

#17. GrooveFunnelMappingTM (Coming Soon)

Funnel Optimization Software

With GrooveFunnelMapping you can plan, measure and optimize your funnels and campaigns visually. 

This module is still in development phase so no great details are available about it other than the function that I’ve discussed above, however, just to give you an idea, this module will potentially offer the features of Funnelytics, a popular funnel optimization tool.

#18. GroovePipeTM (Coming Soon)

Sales CRM & Pipeline Management Software

This module is also still in the development process so I’ll be able to explain in detail that what it does only when the beta version of it is launched.

However, just for starters, GroovePipe is a CRM tool that will help in better interacting with your customers.

So in a sense GroovePipe can act as a great alternative to another prominent and widely used CRM tool, PipeDrive.

How Much Does GrooveFunnels Cost?

After going through all the apps above, I knew that the question about GrooveFunnels pricing is just around the corner.

And you may be surprised to know that most of the GrooveFunnels apps are absolutely free.

Well, at least, for now as I cannot say for sure that for how long Mike’s going to keep it that way.

So by using the free offer, here are the apps that you can replace and potentially save this much amount of money.

GrooveFunnels Cost of Different Apps
Do keep in mind that some of these apps are in development phase and you can only use them for free once they’re released in beta

So you don’t have to spend a single dime to get started with a funnel, however, the obvious catch is that you can use only so many features while staying a free member.

For now, the free version will give you access to most of the apps but not all so you can enjoy access to every feature by paying a one-time fee, which they call the LIFETIME-DEAL.

As the name suggests, the basic gist is to pay a single lump-sum fee to enjoy all the features and both current and future apps for lifetime.

Now, things aren’t simple as they sound as I think that right at this moment, GrooveFunnels pricing policy is a bit confusing.

And the reason is that since the platform is relatively new, they are experimenting with different pricing strategies at the moment.

However, I’ll try to clarify these confusions as much as I can.

Let’s start with the Lifetime Deal offer first

GrooveFunnels LifeTime Deal (Platinum LifeTime)- Pricing & Payment Options

If you want to use more apps, you can always opt to pay them and this is where, GrooveFunnels lifetime deal comes into play.

If you had to use all these 18 apps separately on some other platform, you’d need to pay a fortune to get your hands on them. And that on a recurring basis. Either monthly, quarterly, or annual.

Which basically means that you had to pay the subscriptions again and again and again. As long as you kept using them.

Not to mention the grueling administrative hell that you had to go through to sign up at all these different platforms and even worse, integrating them all together to create a coherent sales management ecosystem.

GrooveFunnels eliminates all these fuss out of your life.

So let me address the next obvious question and that’s how much does GrooveFunnels LifeTime Deal cost?

Well, that depends on the payment options that you choose. Currently, there are 2.

  • A one-off payment of $1,397, or
  • 5 monthly payments of $497 (Total $2,485)

Either of the above payments will provide you complete access to all these suites of cool software with no strings attached, whatsoever. This means that you can enjoy all the current apps as well as the future upgrades.

GrooveFunnels Price Increase in 2021

Rumors are swirling around that the price on the lifetime deal is going to jump up to $1,997 in Sep 2021 and starting from November 2021, the FREE tier and the lifetime deal will be replaced with the monthly payments – These are:

  1. $99/month (Basic Membership – Limited Features)
  2. $299/month (Platinum Membership – Full Features)

Now, if it isn’t confusing enough then bear with me. There’s more.

Starting from Feb 2022, GrooveFunnels will provide an option to the basic members ($99/month) to gain access to all the features while staying on the $99/month slab by paying a one-off $997.

Similarly, those Platinum members, who would be paying $299/month can avail the same offer by paying $997 one-time and gain a discount of $200/month by jumping down to $99/month.

So these are the plans shared by GrooveFunnels team, however, having said that, all of these price changes are not written on stone and one can expect them to change.

These are all the plans that have been shared by GrooveFunnels through their webinars and should be taken with a pinch of salt. The dates and the prices above can be totally different when the time comes but it’s still to have a faint idea about the possible price changes.

How can you make money with GrooveFunnels?

Here are some simple ways you can start making money using GrooveFunnels:

  1. Use GroovePages to promote an offer – Integrate GrooveMails in those pages to collect email leads to promote offers to them later. You can even promote your own products to them
  2. Use the surveys and quiz apps to collect email leads to promote affiliate offers to them later.
  3. Create a blog on GrooveBlog to earn some passive income on the side. This method will take some time but once it gets going, it’s a solid source of recurring passive income
  4. Use the GrooveMembers portal to create online courses. You can take the help of GrooveVideos to upload videos of your digital course and link those videos in GrooveMembers. Charge your students a one-off or regular subscriptions against your courses
  5. Create and launch your e-commerce store. Use GrooveBlog to create content around your store products so that more and more visitors land on your store.

GrooveFunnel Affiliate Program

In addition to the above tips, you can also become part of the GrooveFunnels affiliate program and make money by promoting GrooveFunnels to other interested users.

If you’re interested in making a solid and recurring passive income using GrooveFunnels then you should definitely check out its affiliate program that pays you handsomely and on a recurring basis.

Check out this article that I have written: GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program Review – How to make at least $396 per month passive income?

For Whom GrooveFunnels Is Best?

I’m sure that after reading all the prices and features of GrooveFunnels you must be wondering if it’s really worth your time and money?

Should you invest in a marketing tool that claims to be doing everything and yet charges way less than all its competitors?

I mean there should be some catch hidden somewhere between the lines. Right?

So in order to address this concern, I’ll tell you that for whom GrooveFunnels is best and who should go for its competitors instead.

  1. If you are a beginner in online marketing but looking forward to diving deep then GrooveFunnels is an ideal and economical solution for you. Some users say that GrooveFunnels is not ideal for beginners as all the apps could be overwhelming and daunting but I think otherwise.
  2. If you’re a beginner but your requirements are simple such as you just need a simple CMS without any fancy editing or styling or any other “value-adding” features like WordPress does then you’re good with GrooveFunnels. In fact, its free plan will be quite sufficient for you.
  3. If you’re fed up with logging on to different websites and want everything under one roof then GrooveFunnels can be a good alternative for you.
  4. If you don’t mind using buggy software for time being in return for a low-cost solution then you can give GrooveFunnels a try. You must realize that every product takes some time to mature, and you have no problems becoming one of their beta users
  5. If you’re a marketing agency (or even a freelancer) that provides marketing solutions to the clients such as funnel building, etc. then you can definitely try GrooveFunnels as it will reduce your cost of providing services.

Who Should Try GrooveFunnels Alternatives Instead?

  1. Those who want to use specialist software that is relatively bug-free and has 10-15 years of experience under their belts
  2. If you have no problem paying higher amounts for specialist software then I’d suggest you stick with the alternative
  3. If you’re not willing to compromise the number of features for a lower cost then you should try software other than GrooveFunnels.
  4. If you’re already using other platforms and planning to make a switch to GrooveFunnels for no good reason then I’d suggest you keep using your current platform. Just to give my example, I like WordPress and have no plan to take this blog to GrooveBlog, however, I’m planning to start a new blog on GrooveBlog which won’t require any extensive design requirements. Therefore, I won’t mind maintaining my blog on a platform with relatively lesser features.

How Good Is GrooveFunnels Support?

GrooveFunnels offer multi-dimensional support to its users.

You can approach their support team either via email, through a support ticket or you can even live chat with them.

However, their live chat is not 24/7 and only works during normal office hours.

In addition to that, GrooveFunnels website is filled with helpful guides, videos, FAQs, etc. so it’s very unlikely that you’d hit a dead-end with any issue.

Another source of guidance that I frequently use is their Facebook community group where you can interact with other GrooveFunnels users or with the admin as well.

For me, this Facebook page has proven to be quite a useful source of guidance.

Final Word

To be honest, I was a bit skeptical about GrooveFunnels at first and the skepticism is rooted in the age-old belief that if someone tries to do everything, he ends up doing nothing.

And that is why I was a bit suspicious about GrooveFunnels because they were and in fact, still trying to do everything. From a page builder to a blog, from a video hosting platform to an e-commerce store, their range of apps is quite diversified and the list seems to be never-ending.

I believe that their founders’ objective is that if someone wants to make money online, he doesn’t have to go outside the GrooveFunnels ecosystem, and to a great extent, it seems that they’re able to achieve that.

You can create your own online store, your own blog, landing pages, opt-in forms, email marketing campaigns, affiliate management system, and various other tools that if you start using them at their full potential, I believe one can “spend” his entire online “life” staying within the realms of the GrooveFunnels’ ecosystem.

Therefore, as a beginner, if you want to start creating passive income streams for yourself and make money online, even the GrooveFunnels free account will add more value to your life than the $297 or $999 courses from self-proclaimed internet marketing gurus.

So if you want to join GrooveFunnels, you can do that by clicking the link below.