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Yoonla Ceases Phase 1 and the Affiliate Program

Yoonla Important Update


On Monday, December 18th, 2017, I received an important Yoonla update from Reno Van Boven.


In short, Yoonla will cease its Phase 1 Foundation program and the Yoonla Affiliate program and therefore will not give away any more VIP commission.


Additionally, Reno also announces to start Yoonla phase 2 from January 2018. What does this mean, what would be the commission structure and what are the other nitty gritties of this Yoonla phase 2? Well, I guess since the email from Yoonla is self explanatory, I don’t need to add my own details in it. So I’ll just paste the whole email here.


Yoonla Update – Yoonla Ceases Phase 1 & Affiliate Program

Email From Yoonla


Dear Yoonlers,

What an amazing year it has been for the Yoonla™ platform and the Yoonla™ digital lifestyle community – WOW!

We’ve grown from just a few thousand members at the beginning of the year, to just a few days ago, passing the 1 million members mark!


And we could not have done it without you, our valued VIP members and affiliates – THANK YOU!

With the Yoonla™ affiliate program we have been paying out hundreds of thousands of dollars a month in commissions to our affiliates, with some affiliates earning well over $10,000+ a month!

We love seeing you succeed in the digital marketing space and building a solid foundation of your digital lifestyle business. Win-win – awesome!

However, with this major success and increase in members and affiliates, we are also seeing a massive increase in fraudulent activity on our CPA affiliate program.

We’ve always been aware of the risk in running a pay per lead affiliate program as it is a lot easier for fraudsters to generate fake/fraudulent leads compared to a pay per sale affiliate program where a purchase needs to be made.

Although we have strict anti-fraud measures and systems in place, it is taking up a large amount of our time and resources catching fraud and terminating affiliate accounts in violation of our terms.

Also, often when we catch a fraudster for generating fraudulent leads on our program and terminate their account in accordance with our affiliate terms, they tend to get all nasty with us and accuse us for not paying their commissions. There are a number of bad 1 star reviews on our Facebook page for example, that are from fraudulent affiliates who tried to rip us off with generating fraudulent referrals.

This puts our name and brand in a bad light and ultimately is affecting our affiliates as well.

As I’m sure you can understand, paying out affiliates for fake/fraudulent leads can be costly and can easily risk our program going under.

Also what we are seeing recently is that affiliates who were terminated for fraud previously, are signing up to our program again under different names trying to again, commit lead fraud on our affiliate program.

For this reason, we are going to make a drastic change and stop taking on any more affiliates. This means, we are going to discontinue the Yoonla™ Phase 1 training program.

The original plan was to continue the Phase 1 training program until we launched Phase 2 but with the massive increase in fraud over the past 2 months there is no other way then to discontinue Phase 1 before launching the Phase 2 program.

This is not only to protect our platform and brand, but also to protect our current members and affiliates and ensure that we are able to keep running a quality program and continue to pay out more and more affiliate commissions to you.



What this means for you, as a Yoonla™ VIP member & affiliate:


  • We will discontinue the affiliate campaign to drive CPA traffic to the Yoonla™ Foundation program, in 24 hours from this notice, on Tuesday the 19th of December at 9AM New Zealand Time.
  • At this point, we will not accept any new affiliates going forward, only you, our current VIP member/affiliate will continue to have exclusive access to the Yoonla™ affiliate program.
  • There will be about a month of “pause” before Phase 2 will go LIVE. In this time, we will be taking time off over the Christmas holiday period and we’ll be working on major improvements/updates on the affiliate program and on completing the Phase 2 training program.
  • We will also be using this time to help our affiliates prepare for the Phase 2 launch so you can be all set up and ready when we go LIVE in January. (marketing materials, squeeze page, affiliate funnel, banners, webinars etc)
  • We will continue with the CPA model campaign but for Phase 2 (which will go LIVE in January) You will continue to earn CPA lead commissions for referrals and earn bonus commissions which will be revealed closer to the time.
  • We are looking at implementing recurring commission plans for you too so you can generate revenue not just once, but for months (or even years) to come.
  • We will be working on implementing major improvements on our affiliate program with the focus on making it better for you, our exclusive affiliate.
  • Faster payouts: Weeding out the “bad apples” and fraud on our program will allow us to focus more on our genuine and quality affiliates and get you paid faster. Starting January, we will be processing and paying out affiliate commissions between the 10th – 17th of the month.
  • New Payout Methods: We will be implementing Payza as new payout method in January as well as looking at a 3rd option the month after.
  • We will be running affiliate webinars more often too and will work closer with you to help improve your results.

On top of all that, you will also be receiving free access to the Yoonla™ Phase 2 training program (to be revealed in January)


IMPORTANT: Please do keep your current GetResponse account active as we will be hosting a special pre-launch funnel that you can implement for promoting the upcoming Phase 2 and to have free access to the Phase 2 training program as our current VIP member.



What this means for you, as a Yoonla™ free Foundation Member (non-VIP)

  • We will discontinue accepting any more VIP upgrades for Phase 1 the Foundation program starting Tuesday 19th December at 9AM NZST.
  • You will continue to have access to the Yoonla™ Phase 1 Foundation members area, the digital products and the training modules (including affiliate marketing training).
  • You will be notified in January 2018 when the Yoonla™ Phase 2 program will go LIVE and will have an exclusive offer to join the next level digital lifestyle training.


IMPORTANT: If you are not a current Yoonla™ VIP member and affiliate, you will be notified on the launch of the Yoonla™ Phase 2 training program in January 2018.


So all in all it is going to be a rather exciting start of 2018!


For those who’ve only just started with the Yoonla™ Foundation program, we know this news may come as rather upsetting. We understand this fully. However, next month you will have an even better opportunity at hand and yes you will receive free access to Yoonla™ Phase 2 – Starter Program.


In the mean time you continue to have access to all the training inside your Yoonla™ Foundation members area to help with building your email list and generate affiliate commissions from the thousands of programs that are available. (See the Affiliate Marketing 101 section for affiliate marketing ideas)


So, stay tuned and get ready for taking your digital lifestyle to the next level with the launch of Phase 2 in January.


If you have any questions, please do reach out to our support team at any time.


Myself and the amazing team here at Yoonla™ wish you a Merry Christmas and may this year bring you success in all parts of your life.



Reno Van Boven



So the crux of the matter is that Yoonla had to step up and take some tough decisions in order to deal with the fraudulent activities. I believe that’s part and parcel of every CPA and CPL programs. However, those who are just starting out with Yoonla (free members) will affect the most as they will not be able to earn VIP commissions.

However, let’s hope that according to the email above, the phase 2 brings even more exciting opportunities for Yoonla’s members in form of recurring commissions and CPA model.


So What Are Current Yoonla VIP Members and Affiliates Supposed To Do?


For starter, the current Yoonla VIP members and affiliates should do the following:


  1. Stop sending traffic to Yoonla. They will not earn anything from December 19th till the announcement of Phase 2 affiliate program.
  2. After the phase 2 announcement, they can resume promoting Yoonla again.
  3. The phase 2 affiliate program of Yoonla will be different from the phase affiliate program.
  4. In other words this means once the phase 2 is announced, current Yoonla VIP members and affiliates will be able to induct members under their downline. Until then, they won’t get paid even $2-$4 if they promote Yoonla.
  5. Stop investing in Yoonla promotions. Take a break and Enjoy the Holiday season.
  6. Come back in January (once phase 2 officially launches) which hopefully will have even more exciting opportunities for current VIP members and affiliates. This also means that the CPA program plus new earning opportunity for phase 2 will be there to earn commissions. However, what the email and the discussions of the Yoonla Facebook group suggests is that the phase 2 CPA program will be different from the phase 1 CPA program.


I hope that I have answered the possible concerns quite succinctly. However, if there’s still anything missing, do let me know in the comments section below. I will definitely try my best to answer them.