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Elevate App Review + Full OTO + Details + Special Bonuses

Elevate App Review
Check out if Elevate App is even legit and worth your time and money. Read how does it work, pricing, features, pros and cons and other important details about the online app in this detailed Elevate App Review

If you’re desperately looking out for some cool Money Making Apps that can help you make some good bucks on the side and that too passively, then you should read this Elevate App review.

Elevate app works on and leverages a unique passive income idea that can generate money on the side on complete autopilot and to even make it better, doesn’t require too much traffic as well. As a result, the user can see some cool emails after emails in their inboxes like these:

Elevate App Commissions every 30 minutes

So what is this Elevate App anyway? How does it help you to make money online? How much does it cost? Is it even legit and worth your time and money? Find out all of this and more in this complete and detailed review coming from a person who has personally used and tested it.

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Elevate App Review

What is Elevate App?

Elevate app is a system that claims to have figured out a loophole in a $560 billion dollar industry. A glitch that Elevate App leverages and helps its users generate $50-$100 every thirty minutes. Over and over again. Even if they don’t have any advanced technical skills or experience.

Sounds too good to be true. Right? After all, Elevate is not the only “system” that makes this bold claim. There are literally tens and hundreds of such so-called systems that claim to make hundreds or even thousands for their users without even lifting fingers. So what makes Elevate app different?

What is this whole system anyway and what loophole does it exploit? How does Elevate app even work? Well, keep reading this detailed, complete and honest Elevate App Review to find out answers to these questions.

First things first, let’s start with the very basic information. Such as the Elevate App’s founder.

Who is the Founder of Elevate App?

The founder of Elevate is Venkata Ramana. He is an online marketer himself but when it comes to digital products, he’s definitely not a newbie.

Venkata already has around 17 popular digital products under his name that he’s created and all of them have sold in 4 figures. That’s the number of units and not the dollar amount. Besides, Looking at Venkata’s successful launches one can say that he definitely means business and he knows what he’s doing.

Elevate App – Pricing

At this point in time, you can get your hands on this innovative app in just a one-time payment of $17

Is there any discount available? If YES, then How to claim it?

If $17 sounds to be too high then wait, there’s even a discount available. All you have to do is that when on their website, just scroll your mouse anywhere outside the window. A pop up to claim a $5 discount will show up thus bringing down the price to just $12

How Does Elevate App Work?

If you need a short answer then here it is. After using this app myself what I’ve understood is that how elevate app works is that it makes the process of making WordPress websites quicker so that you can flip them immediately.

But this begs an important question.

There are tons of other platforms that make it possible to create WordPress websites just from a few clicks and this is what we saw in The 7-Day Digital Landlord review as well.

So how is the Elevate app different from other such platforms?

Well, the underlying motive of the Elevate app is to create WordPress websites for flipping.

Now, you may ask that what is website flipping?

Well, it’s an activity where the website developer creates a website with the intention of “flipping” or selling it.

But, this again gives space to another question and that’s if there are other apps and websites that provide the same sort of services then what does the Elevate app do differently?

Well, what makes the Elevate App unique is that it provides a portal to find expired domains along with the information of the links that those domains already receive so that you have complete information about the popularity of the domain before buying them.

All you have to do is to find out popular domains that are undervalued, buy and then and link them to the WordPress website that you’ll create using Elevate App.

After completing the above process, you can now enlist these websites on popular website flipping websites like Empire Flippers, Flipp, etc.

Since the domain already has some traction, the potential buyers will place higher bids as compared to any new incumbent website.

Other ways you can use Elevate…

Above is not the only service that you can extract from Elevate. In addition to this, Elevate also provides post-scheduling services where you can schedule and posts updates for eight (8) different social media platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.) and post them simultaneously on different pages and platforms.

Here’s a complete video that shows Elevate app working in real-time.

My Own Experience of Using the Elevate App

As a matter of fact, I got to use Elevate App and check its features. To me, this app provides three main features.

First, it helps you create WordPress websites (with the built-in Website Builder) in just a few clicks. Since you have access to premium WordPress templates, your design features are quite vast as compared to when you use the free templates.

Elevate App Website Builder

The second feature is the Domain Finder. Here you can find popular domains that are either expired or up for bidding. Now, if you analyze, just being a domain finder isn’t an achievement as you can do that from any (WordPress) web or domain hosting website. What Elevate app does is that it also provides some additional information about these domains such as TLD (Top-Level-Domain) Rankings, Referring IPs, Referring Subdomains, etc. so that you can check their popularity.

Elevate App - Domain Finder

Once you have the website created and the domain bought, you can now link them both.

Since your supposedly new domain already has some traction, this will cut down the laborious drill of link building and putting in long hours of doing SEO, therefore, you’ll have a head start where you can focus more on the “selling” part instead of wasting time on the initial phase of ranking the website in the search engines and start receiving traffic. Believe me, that takes quite an effort.

Finally, The third feature is the ability to schedule and post updates to different social media websites simultaneously from within the Elevate app which makes it possible to manage your and your clients’ SM accounts conveniently. If you have multiple social media accounts you can link all of them to Elevate App and manage them from within the app.

Heck of a time saver!

Elevate App Ultra Poster

Elevate App – Features and Benefits

Once we know the gist of Elevate, let’s dive in a little deeper and see the features that this app has to offer and how can reap benefits from them.

Create Awesome, Full-Blown WordPress Websites With Just a Few Clicks

Don’t have any technical or coding experience?

No problem.

Don’t even know how to use the WordPress platform?

No problem.

Since WordPress eliminates the need for any coding experience altogether and even a rookie can build stunning websites on this platform, Elevate simply leverages the most famous platform for website building to churn out websites within no time so that you can create stunning and professional-looking websites with the least amount of time.

Of course, you need to learn the basics of WordPress in order to

Access to the Database of Expired Domains

Doesn’t matter if you want to search .com or .net or the less popular, .tk domains. You have access to the database of thousands of expired domains along with some important information like their popularity and traction

Elevate App provides a smart portal to schedule and post updates on eight different and popular social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, etc.

The benefit of such a portal is that the user does not have to log in to each website separately. That’s quite tedious and time-consuming. Especially when you have signed up for a bunch of these SM websites.

With Elevate app all you have to do is to connect the social media accounts with the app just once and you’re good to go. Post and schedule updates all day right from within the app. You can post on different pages and groups of the same website such as Facebook, or different websites simultaneously.

Additionally, the app also provides some basic reports to check the performance of your posts.

Access to Premium WordPress Themes

Elevate App Premium WordPress Themes

I’ve been designing WordPress websites for some time now and I’ve done this for my clients as well as for myself.

As you’d expect, although I have paid for some of the WordPress templates, I usually use the free templates available out there. But the problem with the free templates is that they come with built-in design limitations that you cannot unlock unless you pay for them. That’s totally understandable so this is not a complaint in any way.

Now, with the Elevate app, you get access to a bunch of premium WordPress templates that are eye-catching and professional so that you have complete flexibility to apply your own design tweaks.

Normally, this would cost you around $50-$100 but with Elevate app, these premium templates are available completely free of cost.

FREE and Complete WordPress Website for Web Designing Business

Elevate App - Free Web Designing Business Website

I hope this is not confusing so let me explain this.

When you buy Elevate app, you can create WordPress websites on the fly using this app where you have access to a bunch of premium WordPress templates so that you can explore full design features. That we’ve already discussed above.

Now, what this app also provides separately is a complete WordPress website to start your own web designing business.

Now, you may ask what is the difference between the WordPress websites that we create using the Elevate app and the web designing website?

Well, in the former, you have to add content, make design adjustments and in short, start from scratch whereas, in the latter, everything is made up for you already. The content is there, the necessary plugins are already installed, etc.

In short, all you need to do is to add your logo and voila. You’re all good to start your own online web designing business. Read how to make passive money using Elevate app for more information.

Complete Training to Optimally Use Elevate App

As a user, you have access to the complete training to use the app optimally and be able to find popular domains, create WordPress websites, link the domain with the website and finally be able to enlist and sell these websites to the highest bidder.

Elevate App – Upsells

In order to not only compliment the original Elevate app but also boost performance, there are certain upsells that will come in quite handy. These are:

Upsell 1 – Elevate Unlimited – OTO $27 After Discount

With Elevate Unlimited upsell you can boost up your earnings by way more than $50-$100 per day as you get to create unlimited campaigns, server resources, etc.
Additionally, this upsell also unlocks some new features such as the Link Shortener and premium support and the money-back guarantee is for whopping 365 days.

Elevate App Upsell 1 - OTO - Elevate Unlimited

Upsell 2 – Elevate DFY SetupOTO $97 After Discount

Elevate App Upsell 2 - OTO - Elevate DFY Setup

This upgrade is best for procrastinators (who most of us are). With this upgrade, Elevate’s team will configure everything for you and fine-tune it for pristine settings that give you optimal performance.

So if you want to make money without even working for it, upgrading to Elevate DFY Setup will enable you to rake in money without working hard for it. Additionally, you will have a money-back guarantee of 365 days to test this upgrade out.

Upsell 3 – Elevate 1 Hour Profits – OTO $47 After Discount

This upgrade expedites your profit-making ability. Normally, when you deploy a new system, it takes a week or so to get things in running and start seeing some green money coming your way.

Whereas, using the Elevate 1 Hour Profits, the hard cash starts rolling in within just one hour. Since this upgrade has a Money-Back guarantee of 365 days, it provides the user with a huge cushion of testing it out.

Elevate App Upsell 3 - OTO - 1 Hour Profits

Upsell 4 – Elevate Diamond Edition – OTO $47 After Discount

Elevate App Upsell 4 - OTO - Diamond Edition

This upgrade claims to make up to $805/day. Although this is a claim to be taken with a pinch of salt and for sure, this is the maximum that you can earn from it, however, coming to the “HOW” of this upgrade, the way it works is that when you purchase this upgrade, you get access to five (5) DFY Auto-Profit-Sites that are created with just a few clicks.

What these Auto-Profit-Sites do is that they already have the content so that the visitors can come and go through the content. Now, the important aspect is traffic and the content is worthless unless it attracts traffic to itself.

With the Diamond Edition Upgrade, you also get access to the FREE built-in traffic just a few clicks away that will flood your Auto-Profit-Sites with heaps of traffic. The best part! This Upgrade comes with 365 days, Money-Back Guarantee.

That’s right. A guarantee of a whole year. So there’s enough time to test out the Diamond Edition and check if it’s even worth its salt.

Upsell 5 – Elevate $1K Pay Days – OTO $47 After Discount

This upgrade is the easiest way to earn you high dollars by changing your wimpy $50 dollar checks to behemoth $1,000 checks.

So how does it do that? Well, you have to follow these three easy steps:

  1. Buy the Elevate $1K Pay Days upgrade Grab your commission link to high-ticket offers
  2. Use Elevate to send a massive crowd of visitors to your commission link

Once you buy this upgrade, all you have to do is just copy and paste our high-commission link and let the Elevate app do the rest.

Elevate App Upsell 5 - OTO - $1K Pay Days

Upsell 6 – Elevate Profit Accelerator – OTO $47 After Discount

Elevate App Upsell 6 - OTO - Profit Accelerator

Get your hands on high-converting extra traffic and make an extra $100-$300 daily. With this upgrade, you get access to extra 1,000 – 3,000 new clicks daily on your links and websites from the Elevate App’s pool of millions of traffic.

This extra source of traffic can easily help you generate an alternate source of passive income that you can create by diverting this lucrative traffic to your affiliate links.

Upsell 7 – Elevate Reseller – OTO $37 After Discount

Gain the ability to resell Elevate app to your customers and keep 100% profits to yourself. That would be around $555 per upgrade that your customer buys. The professionally designed DFY sales pages that are proven to convert helps you get more bang for your bucks.

Here are few more Done-For-You features of Elevate Reseller:

  1. DFY Support
  2. DFY Delivery
  3. DFY Hosting
  4. DFY Salespages
  5. DFY Design
  6. DFY Payment Processing
Elevate App Upsell 7 - OTO - Elevate Reseller

Elevate App – Bonuses

Elevate app comes with heaps of bonuses packed with solid value that you can get your hands on without paying anything extra. These bonuses are:

Bonus #1 – Elevate Drive

Enjoy FREE cloud hosting. In fact, to add icing on the top, this free hosting is unlimited meaning that you can free yourself from the clutches of the monthly subscriptions of Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive or other cloud hosting solutions.

Elevate App Bonus 1 - Elevate Drive

Bonus #2 – Elevate Send

Elevate App Bonus 2 - Elevate Send

Not just the cloud hosting, Elevate also provides absolutely FREE autoresponder. Send UNLIMITED emails to your list and subscribers without worrying about any monthly fees whatsoever.

Bonus #3 – Elevate Funnels

Another FREE tool that Elevate provides is a funnel builder that will replace your funnel builder. Normally, these funnel builders may cost you hundreds per year but with Elevate Funnels you can get it for free.

Elevate App Bonus 3 - Elevate Funnels

Bonus #4 – YT Mation

Elevate App Bonus 4 - YT Mation

This is a complete YouTube marketing solution to promote your business on one of the largest video hosting platforms.

Bonus #5 – FB Mation

FBMation is a social media marketing tool that makes marketing on social media a breeze. With FBMation you can schedule and auto post updates on Facebook and Instagram. Great source to increase traffic to your website.

Elevate App Bonus 5 - FB Mation

Elevate Atomic Upgrade – SPECIAL SURPRISE BONUS

This bonus is only available for the first 100 buyers. However, if you ask me, it is not written in stone and it won’t hurt if you request the Elevate team for this bonus if you decide to buy the Elevate app. This bonus is basically Elevate app on steroids and boosts up your daily earnings to around $200-$300 daily.

Elevate App Special Bonus

Elevate App – Pros and Cons

We’ve seen the awesome features, upsells and bonuses of Elevate app. Quite sufficient to give you a clear idea of what to expect from this app. However, just to provide you with more useful information, let’s have a look at its pros and cons so that you have a complete picture before you make the final decision.

  • Price is quite economical as you get access to awesome and some premium features (such as the premium WordPress themes) at an economical price
  • A ready-made website with all the features to start your own web designing business. Just plug-and-play and you’re good to show off your design portfolios and other marketing stuff to the world
  • Find and own popular but expired domains. Even if you do not want to create websites around them, you can resell them later at higher price
  • Ability to schedule and posts multiple formats of updates (such as video, text, image, etc.) to various popular social media websites. Thus providing the ability to manage your own social media marketing agency by handling multiple clients at once
  • A whopping money-back guarantee of 365 days.
  • Need upsells to unlock some features
  • Not a downside exactly but you will need to add original content to your websites if you want to demand higher price

  • It’s not necessary that all the popular but expired domains are undervalued. Therefore, you will really have to do some digging to find the right domain that is both popular as well as selling lower at the “perceived” market price.

For Whom Elevate App is Best?

Well, that’s an easy one. The nature of Elevate App is quite generic and due to its interface being too simple, anyone can use it to create WordPress websites, find domain names and post social media updates. So this isn’t a rocket science to figure the main target market for this app.

In short, anyone out there is looking for the best passive income ideas to make money online, doesn’t matter if he’s a newbie or an experienced online money maker, a complete rookie with absolutely no technical know-how to a total nerd hacking highly secured Government servers, Elevate app can become a good source of for their online income. Provided that they’re interested in making money by following the business model that the Elevate app offers.

How to Make (Passive) Money Online From Elevate App?

Wondering how can anyone make money online using the Elevate App and that too passively?

Well, after using this app and reading reviews and other helpful guides I’ve so far figured out the following ways you can put Elevate to create an online income stream. Of course, this list is not exhaustive and kudos to you if you’re creative enough to find some more uses other than those already mentioned here using this money-making app.

So here’s how you can make money with Elevate App:

Create Niche Websites and Flip Them to the Interested Buyers

This is pretty much what this Elevate app is all about and we’ve already seen how it works above. What Elevate does is that it simplifies the whole process so that you can create niche websites and flip them again and again.

Besides, it gives you access to the expired domains that are already receiving traffic. So all you have to do is to buy and link these targeted domains to your niche websites.

Website flipping has been there for some time and it’s still gaining traction and that is why you can find many platforms supporting this form of business. Additionally, this can be a good source of a passive income stream where you can build and enlist websites up for bidding and sell it once you have the right bid.

Retain the Website and Earn from it Yourself

If you happen to find blogging interesting then instead of flipping websites, you can retain them for yourself, build them up, grow them and start earning recurring and totally passive blogging income.

I won’t sugarcoat it though. Blogging does take time and effort to start receiving noticeable traffic and eventually make money but once you strike gold and the wheels set in motion, the money keeps coming in even in your sleep.

With Elevate, you have the head start as you already have a domain that is recognized by Google and other search engines so you don’t have to struggle as much as a totally new blog to gain traffic

Start your Own WordPress Website Building and Marketing Agency

Since the Elevate app makes it easy to create WordPress websites on the fly, you can start your own WordPress website building agency and offer clients to build WordPress websites for their businesses.

Not only that, you can take it even one step further. In order to ensure recurring income, you can leverage Elevate app’s marketing module and offer marketing services to the clients against monthly retainers.

This way, you will not only earn a one-time fee for website development but also a recurring monthly recurring for marketing and maintaining their websites.

Make Passive Money through Domain Name Parking

Contrary to what some people believe, Domain Name parking really works and is still one of the best passive income ideas to make money online and many still cling to it to create an additional passive income stream for themselves.

All you have to do is to find potentially valuable domains available at cheap, buy them and park them at any domain parking website. This is the same as any arbitrage business where you buy low and sell higher and with the Elevate App’s domain finder portal, you can find domains that have huge potential in them but have been expired or are up for the grab for some other reasons.

Obviously, you need the acumen to identify such domains which takes some time and failing but which business doesn’t? Right?

Start your Own Social Media Marketing Business

Since you can handle multiple social media clients and schedule and post updates simultaneously to different social media websites right from within the Elevate app, you can start by going out looking for the clients (mainly local businesses) who need some sort of social media presence and offer them your social media marketing services against a monthly retainer.

Easy money once you have enough clients set on auto-pilot.

Elevate App – Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Qs)

What is Elevate App?

Elevate App is an online app that helps you make money online by helping you create WordPress websites within just a few clicks, find expired domains and post and schedule social media updates.

Who is the Founder of Elevate App?

The man behind Elevate is Venkata Ramana. Venkata is a veteran product developer and a marketer and already has developed more than 17 online products before coming up with the idea of Elevate app.

How Much Does Elevate App Cost?

The current price of the Elevate app is just a one-time payment of $17

Are There Any Upsells?

Yes, as of this date, you can add more features to your app by purchasing these seven (7) Upsells (mentioned along with their one-time respective prices).

  1. Elevate Unlimited – ($27)
  2. Elevate DFY Setup – ($47)
  3. Elevate 1 Hour Profits – ($47)
  4. Elevate Diamond Edition – ($47)
  5. Elevate $1K Pay Days – ($47)
  6. Elevate Profit Accelerator – ($47)
  7. Elevate Reseller – ($37)

Does the Elevate App Provide Any FREE Bonuses?

Yes, with every purchase of the Elevate app, the user gets the following FREE bonuses:

  1. Elevate Drive – FREE Unlimited Cloud Storage
  2. Elevate Send – FREE Autoresponder to send emails
  3. Elevate Funnels – Create FREE Sales Funnels
  4. YT Mation – Complete YouTube Marketing solution
  5. FB Mation – Social Media Marketing Tool

Is There Any Support and Training to Use the Elevate App?

Yes, the Elevate team is always there to provide support to its users. Besides, you can also unlock premium support by purchasing the upsells. Additionally, the training videos and other helpful guides are also there to use the app in a more optimal way.

Is There Any Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes, the Elevate App along with all its Upsells comes with a whopping Money-Back guarantee of 365 days (1 year).

Final Thoughts

Time to end this Elevate App review. I believe that I have shared every necessary information about this app that will certainly help you decide if Elevate is the best app for you. Just in case you have other questions that I failed to shed light on, feel free to ask them in the comments section below.

Moreover, if you want to get started with Elevate app, just follow the link below.