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7 Day Digital Landlord Review – OTO, Price, Features, Pros & Cons

The 7 Day Digital Landlord - Review
Imagine earning recurring rental income every month from your digital assets. The 7-Day Digital Landlord helps you build digital assets and earn from them. Let's see if it's even legit and worth your time and money.

A few days ago I encountered 7 Day Digital Landlord and was excited to see a system that clearly focuses on establishing online passive income streams. An online system that helps even a layman with no technical expertise to build and rent out e-commerce stores.

Not to beat my own drum here but one of the reasons I was excited about this product was that I had the same idea of creating a system that could help rent out digital space but as they say in the digital world, “ideas are a dime a dozen” and it’s the execution that actually matters.

So I was really elated to see one of my ideas seeing the day of light. Although it was not me executing it.

Anyways, I decided to write a review on it so in this 7-day digital landlord review, we’ll see if this system is even legit or scam, worth your money, what are its features, price, benefits, pros, and cons, etc.

Before starting our detailed 7 Day Digital Landlord review I’d urge you to read this important disclosure.

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This article contains affiliate links and Passive Money Guru may get compensated should any reader decides to follow the link on this article and buys the product, however, it won’t have any effect on their own price.

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7 Day Digital Landlord – Review

What is 7 Day Digital Landlord?

7 Day Digital Landlord is the World’s First Turnkey Digital Landlord Agency software that quickly builds e-commerce stores and helps you rent out them to local businesses so that you can earn passive income in rental income.

That’s a classic form of Passive Income through rentals. Right?

The only difference is that with The 7 Day Digital Landlord, all your assets are digital and it doesn’t take eons to build them up.

This software will do that for you within minutes.

The concept sounds simple. Doesn’t it? However, I’m sure that you want to check out even more details and see that how does the 7-day digital landlord actually work.

But before that, let’s have a quick look at the credentials of its founders and a little back-story to serve as an anecdote and understand the reason why and how the 7-Day Digital Landlord came into existence.

The 7-Day Digital Landlord – Founders

Peter Beattie

Peter Beattie is a seasoned entrepreneur and an award-winning marketer who has multiple successful products under his belt. His main niche marketing side of the business and therefore, his products revolve around helping business owners expanding and growing their businesses.

Originally an architectural designer, Peter left his job back in 2009 and now helps business owners grow and their businesses through his marketing website, and also regularly blogs about the same topic on his blog, Secret Entourage.

PETER BEATTIE - Founder - The 7 Day Digital Landlord

Todd Gross

Todd Gross is an interesting case here. Many know him as a Chief Meteorologist at national television. His fame came from the fact that he predicted The Perfect Storm which was later turned into a movie where Todd was played by Christopher McDonald.

In addition to the predicting movement of the clouds, Todd has also been a full-time internet marketer since 2006 and just like his partner, Peter, Todd has also released multiple successful products in the niche of video marketing.

And as an online affiliate marketer, Todd has experience raking in more than $70,000 in sales in just one day. So given these credentials, Todd does know how to put his mouth where the money is.

Given his experience in appearing in front of the camera, Todd is a much sought-after personality to do a voice-over and presenting many affiliate products.

Todd Gross - The 7 Day Digital Landlord Founder

How does 7 Day Digital Landlord Work?

As a T7DDL user, you choose from hundreds of ready-made templates to create your storefront within 5 minutes. You have more than 100 stunning storefront niche designs to choose from.

These storefronts come with essential built-in features such as payment processing, shopping carts, etc. to work as a basic e-commerce website.

Once your store is ready, you can have them rented out to the interested party for recurring revenue.

Here are the three important steps to show how the 7-Day Digital Landlord works so that you can generate recurring rental income, again and again, month after month.

Step #1 – Launch Your Storefront

Choose from 100+ niche-specific storefront templates. Create your ready-to-rent online store within 5 minutes using the simple Point-&-Click interface.

These templates from the hottest and most profitable niches are simple, elegant, responsive, and designed following the best practices of SEO to rank higher on the search engines.

Additionally, these stores also come with the basic features that every e-commerce storefront needs such as the shopping cart, order, and payment processing features.

The 7-Day Digital Landlord - Step 1 - Launch Your Storefront

Step #2 – Rent Out Store For Recurring Revenue

Once built, rent out these stores to potential small businesses, preferably your local business. It is said that there are more than 125+ million such businesses looking who NEED & WANT a way to offer “Touchless Online Ordering” to their customers!

The 7-Day Digital Storefront - Step 2 - Rent Out Store for Recurring Revenue

Step #3 – Rinse & Repeat

After completing the first two steps, all you need to do now is to keep repeating the above two steps to generate multiple streams of rental income.

Step 3 - How Does 7-Day Digital Landlord Work?

Watch This Video Demo For More Inofmration

Here’s a video demo of how can you start building a digital storefront right away using the 7-day digital landlord’s Rapid Storefront Builder feature:

Is The 7-Day Digital Landlord Just A Glorified Website Builder For Rookies? How Is It Different From An Ordinary Website Builder?

That’s an interesting question.

And the answer is Yes and No.

As far as the features are concerned, what I have learned is that T7DDL is actually a fancy website builder simplified for the rookies who don’t even know the ABCs of website building. Whether it’s the coding or even using any other popular website builder with the drag-and-drop interface.

All you have to do is choose a theme, add website information and hit the publish button. Your digital storefront is now online and ready to entertain customers.

So as far as the intrinsic features are concerned T7DDL is actually a dumbed-down version of any popular website builder.

So what makes The 7-Day Digital Landlord different from any other website builder?

Well, there are two distinctive features of T7DDL.

The first is its positioning. Unlike ordinary website builders, which target a wide market T7DDL targets local businesses.

The benefit of such a narrow target market is you can concentrate much better. Moreover, since T7DDL does not provide extensive design features, even a layman can use it quite easily.

Now, coming to the second reason, T7DDL’s strength comes from its training. As a user you will learn how to land clients without making cold calls, sending emails, etc.

So T7DDL is not only super-specific when it comes to the niche but also provides appropriate training to land these clients and this is what makes The 7-Day Digital Landlord different from other website builders.

How Much Does The 7-Day Digital Landlord Cost?

The 7-Day Digital Landlord comes in two different price packages.

The Hobbyist License

The first option with the basic features is is “The Hobbyist” license. This will help you get started with T7DDL with 3 digital storefronts and 40 niche designs.

The Hobbyist license costs a single payment of $37.

In addition to these, there are certain standard features mentioned below that you will also get with this basic, “The Hobbyist” license.

The 7 Day Digital Landlord - The Hobbyist License - $37 One-Time Payment

The Pro License

The more advanced and full version, The Pro license costs $47. Again, this is also a one-time payment that will give you lifetime access to all the features.

These features include all the features available in the Hobbyist license, plus you can create unlimited digital storefronts and the niche designs are more than 100.

Moreover, a distinctive feature of the Pro license is that you’ll get access to the Digital Landlord Academy and the Automatic Rental Scripts.

The 7 Day Digital Landlord - The Pro License - $47 One-Time Payment

Is There Going To Be A Price Increase?

Most likely yes.

Although, their website does say that they are planning to increase the price soon but this has become a trend lately and T7DDL is just another website following it.

The reasons are obvious. Announcements like these force the potential customers to take action out of the fear of losing out on something.

However, I don’t mean in any way that there will be no price increase in the future and all these announcements are sham. It’s just to keep you updated about their pricing policies.

In fact, the current prices of $37 and $47 are the result of huge discounts as the original price was $497 and a few weeks ago, it was $27 and $37 respectively. So there has already been a price hike of $10 for each package.

The T7DDL team has plans to revert to the original price of $497 once they’ll start selling it to the general public through webinars. 7 respectively.

The 7 Day Digital Landlord - Price Increases Soon

Are There Any Upsells?

In addition to the normal front-end, which is The original 7-Day Digital Landlord platform there are 4 upsells as well with extra features. However, you’re not obligated to purchase them as T7DDL is quite sufficient to provide you with the basic features.

However, if you want to get your hands on some extra and niche-specific features then you should definitely check out these upsells. These are:

Upsell 1 – The Food Delivery Hero – $67

This upsell specifically targets the restaurant market so you can offer storefronts specifically designed for your local restaurants. Here are some specific features that make the food delivery hero an ideal platform for the restaurant and food delivery niche.

Upsell 1 - The Food Delivery Hero - $67
  1. 20 new stunning “Restaurant Storefront” themes ready to deploy with 1 click
  2. Easy “Virtual Menu Builder” makes it easy for anyone to order online
  3. Powerful order customization features promotes increased order value
  4. “Touchless Delivery” or “Curbside Pickup” features for customers
  5. Automatically calculated “Suggested Tip Percentages”
  6. Manage multiple restaurant locations
  7. Encourage repeat customers by allowing them t o create an account on your storefront with easy login and for fast re-ordering

Upsell 2 – The Realtor Hero – $67

Upsell 2 - The Realtor Hero - $67

Just like the first upsell, this upsell specifically targets the currently flourishing, real estate market. Here are the features that this upsell has to offer:

  1. 4 new stunning “Real Estate Storefront” themes ready to depoy with 1 click
  2. Easily list multiple property types in just a few clicks
  3. Effortlessly build out feature packed listings and attract more buyers by displaying all necessary property information like price, square footage, bedrooms, bathrooms, garage size, parking info and more!
  4. Wow potential buyers with breath taking image display
  5. Reach more potential buyers by automatically coross-posting to Facebook and other real estate sites like, Redfin, Zillow, etc.

Upsell 3 – The YouTube Client Induction System – $497

This upsell teaches you how to leverage the power of YouTube ads to land more clients. Here’s how this upsell works:

Upsell 3 - The YouTube Client Induction System - $497
  1. Identify the top YouTube channels, competitors, experts in your niche that has significant viewership and are watched on a regular basis
  2. Use Peter’s proven YouTube Ad Script and templates to create high-converting YouTube ads
  3. Learn how to create effective Ad campaigns to display ads on your competitors videos
  4. Attract and steal traffic that would otherwise go to your competitors and market your services or products to the traffic

Upsell 4 – The Digital Landlord Marketing & Sales Kit – $47

This upsell is basically a marketing and sales suite that not only trains you in landing more clients but also provides you with the necessary tools to land high-ticket clients. Here are some of the features of this upsell:

Upsell 4 - The Digital Landlord Marketing & Sales Kit - $47
  1. 2 new Professional Agency Storefront so that you can build and deploy your own agency website within a few minutes
  2. Learn and master the marketable skills that help you get paid in today’s economy and land high-ticket clients
  3. Learn the powerful role of storytelling in converting your prospects using the proven scripts that Stephen says, convert 1 out of 5 potential clients
  4. The marketing suite contains Done-For-You Video Ad to attract Client Getting Video Ads, invoicing system add-on to bill clients, and Done-For-You agency contracts so that you’re not bogged down by diving into the legal details

What Are The Bonuses Available?

Last time I checked, here are some of the bonuses that you can get with the subscription of The 7-Day Digital Landlord. These bonuses are specifically designed to compliment 7DDL and boost your marketing efforts.

However, note that I’d suggest you double-check if the bonuses are still available.

7 Day Digital Landlord - Bonuses


Now, once you know the price, it’s best to see what features does The 7-Day Digital Landlord offers against it.

1. FREE Storefront Guard Dog Technology

Your every store is secured by state-of-the-art Guard Dog Technology. Without risking myself going deep into the abyss of technical jargon, I would be succinct by stating that your data is secured so you don’t need to worry about losing it in case of any subversive attack.

The best thing!

It’s all FREE.

2. FREE Rapid Ranking Technology

Once your storefront is created it’s only half work done yet. You also need it to rank well on the search engines to attract as many visitors as possible. With the FREE Rapid Ranking Technology, you can achieve higher rankings on the search engines for popular keywords.

For obvious reasons, ranking higher on search engines ensures more sales in return.

3. Lifetime FREE Hosting

To be honest, this feature actually bamboozled me and I was excited and surprised at the same time. Imagine you can create an unlimited digital storefront without paying anything for web hosting. That’s one of the best features in my opinion as normally, you have to pay hundreds of dollars every year for hosting charges.

4. No Recurring Fee

The 7-Day Digital Landlord’s Storefront charges you just a one-time payment of either $37 or $47. With $47 you can create unlimited stores for life.

Although, I’m not sure if this pricing model is going to change in the future (as the website does say that it will but this is what normally the product creators do to invoke a sense of urgency) but at least for now, there’s no recurring fee whatsoever. Just a one-time fee of even less than $50.

5. 100+ Stunning Storefront Niche Designs

To keep it easy for the non-technical people, you can speed up your store creation and start by choosing from literally hundreds of beautiful and stunning storefront niche designs.

These designs address multiple local business niches so that you won’t have to start from scratch and waste time on the useless activity of learning code and other design skills.

The 7-Day Digital Landlord - 100+ Digital Storefront Niche Designs

6. Smooth Responsive Design On ALL Devices

The stores that you create in T7DDL are all responsive on all the devices. This makes sure that the visitors to the store do not get bogged down by the clumsy designs of the websites and leave the website immediately.

In SEO world, this action of the visitor leaving the website is called “Bouncing off” of the website, and the lower it is, the better is it for the website.

I won’t go into further details. Just to summarize, smooth and responsive website designs make sure that the visitors stay on the website and also increases the engagement rate.

7. Fastest Page Load Speeds In The Industry

This is logical. Since the stores are created with bare minimum features and design structures it becomes relatively easier to maintain websites that load faster.

Now, those who are associated with SEO, are very well aware that how Speed plays an important role in ranking higher in search engines. In fact, Google gives significant weightage to the page speed in their algorithms so neglecting the page download speed does not bode well for websites if they want to rank higher.

Fortunately, the digital storefronts created using The 7-Day Digital Landlord platforms are fast and swift and load faster therefore, it’s relatively easier to rank higher on search engines

8. FREE & EASY Conversion Of WordPress or WIX Websites Into Digital Storefronts

With custom CSS & Javascript customization and The 7-Day Digital Landlord’s Rapid Storefront Conversion feature, you can convert existing bland WordPress and Wix websites into a digital storefront.

And all it takes is just a few minutes.

9. Use Custom Domain Names

You can use your own custom domains and assign them to your stores to add an extra layer of credibility.

Custom domains cost even less than $20/year but their benefits far outweigh their cost. And the most important being the immense value-addition in the form of credibility.

Although T7DDL does not act as a domain name registrar but it does allow you to link your custom domain with the digital storefront so that it may appear genuine to the visitors.

10. FREE SSL Certificate

Just in case you don’t know, SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer and if you want to see if any website has an SSL certificate or not then check out their web address, If it starts with “https” then the website is secured with SSL certificate.

So why do you need an SSL and what does it actually do? Well, for websites, it tells the client that the information from the server to the client is encrypted, hence your information on that website is more secure.

SSL is necessary for e-commerce websites, especially where visitors exchange their payment information and Google has also started to consider it among ranking factors.

Normally, the SSL certificate costs you hundreds of dollars in a year but with T7DDL, you get this certificate for no cost at all.

11. Custom Video Backgrounds

Just in case you’re not aware, a video background is when instead of an image, a video is used as a background and it keeps on running.

You may have noticed that modern websites especially those of startups have a video background that keeps running on the homepage.

T7DDL comes with this built-in feature to add video backgrounds in your digital storefront so that your store appears to be modern thus enticing maximum visitors to stay on your website and eventually making a purchase.

The image always matters.

12. Simple Point & Click Interface To Create Stores

You don’t need to have extensive technical knowledge to create online digital stores. All you have to do is point and click and you can churn out stylish stores within minutes. The T7DDL itself claims that if you can check your emails then you can also create digital storefronts. That’s how easy it is to use The 7-Day Digital Landlord.

The 7-Day Digital Landlord - Point & Click Interface

13. Built-In Payment & Checkout Options

All digital storefronts come with the built-in feature of payment and checking-out options. These two options are essential to make any website an e-commerce website.

Without them, if you’re selling anything on a website then it may be called an affiliate website but not an e-commerce store.

Normally, you have to pay extra to integrate payment options on your website but with T7DDL, you have this option available at absolutely no cost.

What Is The Digital Landlord Academy & The Automatic Rental Scripts?

The Digital Landlord Academy

As the name suggests, this is an online platform that teaches the users how can they use The 7-Day Digital Landlord to its maximum potential.

One of the most profound aspects that you will learn in this online academy is how to approach and ultimately land rental clients by convincing them to rent out their digital storefronts and to you and therefore, help in building up recurring revenue.

The 7-Day Digital Landlord will also deep dive into the database of 100+ small businesses that need help in going online.

Here are the modules and their lessons that you will go through this training:

Module 1: Mission Overview

● Lesson 1: Discover: The Digital Landlord Method

Module 2: The 48 Hr Client Machine

● Introduction
● Lesson 1: Prepare: High-Level Overview
● Lesson 2: Discover: The Perfect Digital Storefront Client
● Build Your List Of Prospects
● Lesson 3: Conduct: Sniper List Building
● Lesson 4: Prepare: The Helpful Reporter Script V3
● Lesson 5: Setup: Your Calendar Booking System
● Follow Up & Lock Down The “YES!”
● Lesson 6: Follow Up and Lock Down: The YES
● Lesson 7: Build: A Lead Pipeline System
● Closing The Deal
● Lesson 8: Conduct: The Rapid Onboarding Call
● Lesson 9: Rapid Onboarding Call Examples Overview
● Rapid Onboarding Call Example 01: High-End Auto Detailer
● Rapid Onboarding Call Example 02: Solo Plumber
● Rapid Onboarding Call Example 03: Plastic Surgeon
● STOP: Checkpoint #1
● Module 2: Action Steps Step 1: Create your “Perfect Client List”.

Module 3: The Mini Storefront Campaign

● Lesson 1: Build Your Mini Storefront Offer & Ad
● Lesson 2: Build: The Mini Storefront Offer
● Lesson 3: Build: The Mini Storefront Ad Copy Template 1: The Local Tripwire Offer
● Lesson 4: Build: The Mini Storefront Ad Copy Template 2: The Local High Ticket Offer
● Lesson 5: Build: The Rubberneck Creative
● Setup The Mini Storefront Campaign
● Lesson 6: Setup FB Business Manager
● Lesson 7: Prepare: FB Ads Manager Tour
● Lesson 8: Build: The Mini Storefront Campaign
● Deliver Customers & Capture Proof
● Lesson 9: Build: The Customer Delivery Mechanism
● Lesson 10: Prepare: Your Client For Success
● Lesson 11: Maximizing Results & Capturing Proof
● STOP: Checkpoint #2

Module 4: Action Steps Step 1: Finalize The Mini Storefront Offer

Module 5: The Automatic Upsell

● The Honeymoon Call
● Lesson 1: Conduct: The Honeymoon Call
● Honeymoon Call: Example 1
● Honeymoon Call: Example 2
● Collecting Payment & Managing Clients
● Lesson 2: Collect: Payment & Onboard Client

Digital Landlord Academy - Interface

The Automati Rental Script

In addition to the training above, 7DDL also provides high-converting scripts that guarantee you to land every 1 out of 5 clients.

The Automatic Rental Scripts shares proven, copy and paste scripts that boast high conversion. These scripts, according to T7DDL have stood the test of time and guarantees stunning conversion rates.

So these are the set of training and tools that will help you not only to build a digital storefront within minutes but will also help you land clients so that you can start your own marketing agency, start selling your services to multiple clients and start earning passive income online.

Benefits of The 7 Day Digital Landlord

Having read all the features, you might be wondering that what if instead of subscribing for T7DDL, you start creating websites using other platforms (such as WordPress, Wix, or any other website builder) and follow the same business model?

Well, for that, I’ll have to go through the benefits of The 7-Day Digital Landlord that none of its competitors have to offer.

#1. The 7-Day Digital Landlord Doesn’t Have Any Competitor. Well, So Far!

I could be wrong here. But so far, I haven’t seen any other website/product offering the same business model as T7DDL. It’s the first time that I have seen any product that helps you in renting out your digital storefront to earn recurring rental income.

Sure you can create and sell websites using other platforms, but you won’t have this business model and that’s what makes it unique.

#2. Free Training To Approach & Land Clients

With the PRO subscription, you get special access to the training and coaching to approach and ultimately landing clients.

When you create a digital storefront, believe me, that’s not even half the job done.

The real challenge is to convince clients to rent out your store and keep paying you monthly.

And Peter and his team are there to help you out with this. Not only they will train you in their academy but will also provide you with sample scripts that are tested and proven to convert.

Plus, you will have access to a database of local businesses that are your potential leads.

All of this combined, make T7DDL quite a helpful platform to start making money from.

#3. Awesome Features At The Lowest Price

For just a single payment of $47, you’ll get lifetime access to all the features of T7DDL.

You can design and rent out unlimited storefronts to the clients which bring down your direct cost to virtually zero.

Not to mention the other awesome features such as the robust security, point-&-click interface, Free SSL, etc. that make this platform worth giving a shot.

#4. Create Modern-Looking, Stunning & Responsive Storefronts Without Even Any Technical Knowledge

The real strength of T7DDL comes from its ease of use.

A person with literally no technical skills, no coding or website experience can start building digital storefronts within minutes using the point-&-click interface and built-in features required to run a basic e-commerce digital store.

All you have to do is choose the niche-specific template and click a few buttons

#5. Build A Fully Functional Digital Storefront With Payment & Checkout Options Without Installing Any Plugins

When you build a digital store online, you have to patch up different functionalities. Most important of them being fully functional shopping cart features with payment and check-out options.

Either you have to build your own or install third-party add-ons or plugins. In both cases either you need to have the technical knowledge or pay a hefty one-time or recurring fee to a software house.

The 7-Day Digital Landlord has built-in payment options that allow your customers to pay either through PayPal, Credit Card, or any other popular payment option.

#6. Build Unlimited Digital Storefronts & Add Unlimited Products Without Paying Anything Extra

For just a single payment of $47, you get lifetime access to the platform where you can build unlimited digital storefronts and add unlimited products and pages to these stores. Without paying for their hosting or SSL. That’s the cost-benefit that you can get from 7DDL.

For Whom The 7 Day Digital Landlord is Best?

That’s a no-brainer and I’m sure that you guys must have figured out that by now that this product is suitable for people coming from almost all backgrounds and different aspects of life.

I’ll be a little generous with my words here and add a little bit more details here.

As I’ve explained above already that the strength of The 7-Day Digital Landlord comes from its ease of use. With just the simple, point-and-click feature you can set up literally multiple income streams that are absolutely passive in nature.

Obviously, things are not as simple as advertised but still, this app can help you earn decent passive income on a recurring basis.

To top it off, T7DDL also provides appropriate training to put this app to its best use.

So to conclude this section, The 7-Day Digital Landlord is best for people coming from all different backgrounds who want to create establish passive income streams for themselves. Even if they have no technical knowledge to use hi-tech software.

Some of these people are:

  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Work From Home Moms
  • Small Business Owners
  • Web Design Agencies
  • Online Marketers
  • And the list goes on and on…

Pros & Cons

  • Extremely Easy-to-Use system with intuitive Point & Click user interface makes it user friendly
  • FREE SSL certificates for digital stores
  • Nice training along with the rental script to land maximum numbers of clients
  • Price is extremely economical
  • Can use custom domain name for the stores
  • The built-in digital store templates are responsive for all the devices

  • Built-in checkout options so need to purchase or install any shopping cart software into your store

  • You have the safety of a 30-Day money-back guarantee

  • Earning possibilities are not that high as mentioned on the website. It depends a lot on many external factors

  • Only good for creating a basic digital storefront. Does not allow you to go to advance level and use extensive feature which makes it fit for only local businesses

  • T7DDL does not have any Facebook or any other social media page which makes it quite difficult to post queries about this product before buying it

How Can You Make Money Using The 7-Day Digital Landlord?

The core message of The 7-day Digital Landlord is quite clear and has no confusion.

So answering the question that how can you make money from T7DDL. all you have to do is to create digital storefronts within minutes using the Rapid Store Builder feature.

Now, what I have figured out is that there are more ways you can make money using T7DDL than what their own team advertises.

So I’ll discuss all these ways starting from those that have been mentioned by the T7DDL team themselves.

#1. Create Digital Storefronts & RENT Them Out To Local Businesses & Offer Regular Maintenance

This is what Peter also advertises. We have already seen how this app works so I won’t repeat that again. In short, all you have to do is to approach the local businesses and pitch them to use your online store and in return, charge them a monthly return.

But why would someone pay you a recurring fee when they can have the same store built by paying someone $2,000 to $4,000. After all, in the long run, this lump sum paying is going to prove much economical than keep paying a smaller amount for eternity.

Well, the trick here is to offer them maintenance services (such as product updating and listing, etc.) against the price that you will do for them on a regular basis.

This will ensure that you make money on a recurring basis. Now, all you have to do is find as many clients as possible to diversify your risks and generate multiple sources of income.

#2. Create Digital Storefronts & SELL Them To Local Businesses

That’s what the primary purpose of T7DDL is. Using this platform you can approach local businesses and offer them to take their local stores online.

One of the best ways to sell this idea is to tell them how much extra money they can make by going online.

Normally, local businesses are happy with their old and boring ways of running their brick-and-mortar businesses. You need to enlighten them on how they can expand their business by going online.

The underlying trick should be to make them realize that the value they will get will way surpass the cost that they will pay. After all, who doesn’t like

#3. Start Your Own Web Designing Business For Local Businesses

An important way that even Peter doesn’t target is that if you have a knack for web designing, The 7-Day Digital Landlord provides you an opportunity to start your own web designing business.

Granted, that the websites created from this platform are not technically rich and have extensive design features, however, if you target local businesses and offer them to take their business online, I’m sure that you can get many leads as local businesses are not that concerned about the overall design of their businesses and it’s the functionality that they are after.

So, using T7DDL you can kickstart your plan of starting your web design business that you have been putting on a halt for some time now.

How Much Money Can You Make Using The 7-Day Digital Landlord?

That’s an interesting question. Right?

After all, what’s the use of the platform if you cannot estimate the projected income and how much money you can make using it.

So answering this question, let’s start with what the website itself claims.

Clearing The Misrepresentation On T7DDL Website First!

The T7DDL website claims that its users have been making a thousand dollars per month per digital storefront.

If that’s the case then estimating your monthly recurring passive income is quite easy. Just multiply the number of stores by $1,000.

So, as the website does, if you rent out 100 stores you can easily make ($1,000/month x 100 stores) $100,000.

Easy Peazy. Right?

Although achieving these numbers is not impossible but as all the websites do, they present you the BEST numbers which are sometimes outliers and you cannot use them to project your own results.

Besides, as I have already mentioned in the section above, this income is not entirely passive. It’s not like that you rent out your store once and then spend the rest of your life lying on a hammock at a sunny beach while your bank account keeps raking in 6-figures month after month.

What T7DDL fails to tell you is that in order to ask for $1,000 a month, you have to offer a bit more services other than just renting out your store.

These services may include store management, product listing, making sure that things are running smoothly, answering customers’ queries, and most importantly, running ads to divert traffic to the store.

All of these take considerable effort. Now multiply this with 100 stores and you’d soon come to the realization that in order to manage them, you need a full-blown agency.

So the number $100,000 per month is not entirely unrealistic, you need to work your ass off to achieve this number. And that won’t be passive at all.

So Realistically Speaking, How Much Can You Earn Per Month Using The 7-Day Digital Landlord?

Tough question. So we’ll divide different possible activities.

Let’s start with the storefront creation. You can sell a functioning store with basic features for a one-time payment of $500 to $2,000. Sure the numbers can be lower or higher than these but this is what I’m telling you from my experience. However, since you do not need a programmer to build these websites, all of this is your profit.

Now, coming to the different support activities. You can either charge the client on an hourly basis or settle for a monthly retainer. That’s up to you.

If you go by an hour, activities like website management cost $12/hr-$16/hr. If you’re a good negotiator, you can even stretch it to $20/hr.

When it comes to creating ads, this is a more specialized field and your asking rate depends on the experience and the clients you’ve worked with. Even more important is the history of your ads bringing in sales.

I’ve worked for some e-commerce clients and they are happy to pay even a percentage of sales that their ads bring. It all depends on your negotiation skills and most importantly, your own history of making money for your clients.

As far as per-hour rates are concerned, there’s a huge disparity. Professionals in this line demand somewhere between $15/hr to even $75/hr. Or even more than that. So it’s difficult to give you a concrete number.

However, I hope that gives you a decent idea that how much money can you make from The 7-Day Digital Landlord.

The 7-Day Digital Landlord – Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Q1. Does Digital Landlord Work Outside The US?

Yes, T7DDL is meant to work all over the world.

Q2. Do The Users Get Training?

Yes, in order to use T7DDL to its full potential, every PRO user gets step-by-step training in the Digital Landlord Academy as well as Automatic Rental Scripts to use proven copy & paste scripts to land rental clients.

Q3. Do You Need To Meet Clients in Person?

No, everything is handled online so you can deal and finalize everything with your clients right in your pajamas and the comfort of your home.

Q4. How Many Stores Can A User Rent Out?

With the “Hobbyist” license, you can rent out 3 digital sores. However, with the “Pro” license, you can rent out unlimited stores, create unlimited pages and upload unlimited numbers of products.

Q5. Does The Training Include How To Generate Traffic To The Store?

Yes, the whole suite of training includes a module of “Local Customers on Demand” training to generate traffic for your clients’ storefronts. According to T7DDL, this traffic training has produced over 8 figures for the clients.

Q6. Does The 7-Day Digital Landlord Provide Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes, every user gets a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t feel that the platform is up to your expectations then you can ask for a refund. No questions asked.

Q7. If The 7-Day Digital Landlord Is So Solid Then Why Don’t The Owners Do It Themselves?

Actually, they do. In fact, Peter has mentioned that he makes websites for his clients and runs a marketing agency that gave him this idea in its raw form which was further polished by one of his students. Second, I agree, the website makes it sound too simple and therefore, too good to be true. Sure you can easily create digital storefronts without breaking a sweat but in order to keep the money coming in, you need to provide other supporting services as well. And this is where many people give up especially when they find out that they don’t get paid for being lazy.

User Reviews

I tried to find genuine user reviews about The 7-Day Digital Landlord but was swarmed with paid or reviews by the affiliate marketers so I discarded them for obvious reasons.

I’m not saying that these reviews are not truthful, but, in order to give you the most accurate picture, I prefer reviews written by actual users.

So what we are left with are the reviews on T7DDL’s own website which obviously, are not going to be dissing. But before jumping on to these reviews, let’s have a look at one of Peter’s students and what he has to say…

Now, let’s have a look at some of the positive user reviews on the 7DDL website. To be fair, I tried to look up and search these guys on the internet but couldn’t find them. So I’m not saying that these are not genuine reviews. It’s just that I’d advise you to read these reviews with a pinch of salt.

The 7-Digital Landlord - Positive Review - 2

Lastly, let’s have a look at what the users have to say about the training. As I’ve said before, the real strength of The 7-Day Digital Landlord comes from its training as, without it, it’s just a basic website builder.

So let’s see what its users have to say about the training.

The 7-Day Digital Landlord - Positive Review - 3

So What’s The Verdict? Is The 7-Day Digital Landlord Legit & Worth Your Time, And Money?

The 7-Day Digital Landlord is definitely legit and a novel idea to earn Passive Income Online. So as far as the question of it worth being your money is concerned, then given the amount of money that it’s charging right now ($47 maximum), that makes The 7-Day Digital Landlord worth every hard-earned penny of yours.

However, a point worth considering is that the claims of earning thousands of dollars from just one client and that too on a recurring basis sound too obnoxious and a gross overstatement.

Of course, T7DDL gives you basic training in landing clients and convincing them to rent out your store, but still, expecting them to pay near to a thousand a month for a store with just bare-minimum features is way too much to expect.

However, this does not mean that it’s not a viable business model. It definitely is. Just not as lucrative as it claims.

All in all, there are some renowned faces behind this product with immense experience and marketing credibility under their belt which makes The 7-Day Digital Landlord a legit product worth giving a shot.