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Hijack’d Review + OTO + Demo – Does it Really Work?

Hijack'd Review - OTO - Special Bonuses

While everyone has their own marketing preferences, the gurus have always advised targeting high-commission products. The reason they say is that it takes the same effort more or less but rewards are exponentially high.

In this Hijack’d review, we’ll see how this marketing tactic is related to this new Money Making App. Hijack’d claims to make you a three-figure commission by doing nothing but copying and pasting your links.

Sounds too good to be true. Right?

Well, cutting right to the chase, in this review, we’ll see if Hijack’d claims hold any water. Does it really make online money making that easy? What’s the catch? What are Hijack’d’s pros and cons? How much does it cost and most importantly, how can you make money online using this traffic app? We’ll explore these questions and more in this Hijack’d review below.

However, please go through this important disclaimer first.

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Hijack’d Review

What is Hijack’d?

Hijack’d is a beginner-friendly, cloud-based Money Making App that claims to exploit a $2.7 billion loophole in the online marketing sector and helps you make money using their 3-click Done-For-You (DFY) system that promotes high-ticket affiliate programs.

What is Hijack'd

Now, what this loophole is, I have absolutely no clue but you don’t need to go under the hood to figure out all the bells and whistles. Do you?

So we’ll leave the technical details on the side and focus on how Hijack’d works and how can you use it to make money online as a beginner.

But first, let’s find out who’s behind Hijack’d.

Who is the Founder of Hijack’d?

Hijack’d is not a brainchild of a single person. In fact, there’s a whole team in the US, that goes with the name of SuperWarriors that has designed Hijack’d.

This team is headed by Glynn Kosky who is a successful internet marketer. Well, as far as Warrior Plus is concerned.

Hijack’d is not SuperWarriors’ first product. In fact, they’ve created 41 other products in the online money-making niche so one can say that they’re a quite an experienced group of people in the MMO niche.

SuperWarriors - Warrior Plus Profile

To date, SuperWarriors has sold almost 123,000 units of their digital products which shows their popularity. As far as Hijack’d is concerned, it managed to score around 2,000 sales in just the beginning two weeks of its launch.

Hijack’d Pricing

So how much does Hijack’d cost?

Well, currently, the price of Hijack’d is $19 but you can claim a $3 discount by moving your mouse pointer away from the screen. A pop-up will show up offering you a further $3 discount which brings the price of Hijack’d to $16.

Hijack'd Traffic and commission app - Discounted Price

Hijack’d – Features & Benefits

Let’s have a look at the features that the Hijack’d traffic app has to offer and more importantly, what benefits will you gain using these features. So let’s start first with the interface and overall user experience of this app.

Easy-to-Use Interface

The interface of Hijack’d is quite simple. No complex labyrinth of links that will let you go astray and lost. Every option is clearly lined up on the left sidebar which re self-explanatory so that you can easily navigate through the app.

Both FREE and Paid Instant Traffic Strategies

The app teaches you about the free and paid traffic strategies and this is one of the most important features of Hijack’d.

Once you’ll start affiliate marketing, a very important lesson that you will learn is that doesn’t matter how good an offer is or how much commission they pay you per sale or per lead, it all amounts to nothing if you’re not able to attract a considerable chunk of traffic on your offer page.

The benefit of the Hijack’d traffic and commission app is that it teaches you about both paid and free traffic strategies. A very important aspect of online money making the sooner you master the better it is and with Hijack’d you get to learn about both of these traffic strategies.

Learn the Basics about Marketing Funnels and How Do They Work

Another important benefit of using Hijack’d is that you’ll get introduced to the marketing and sales funnels. How they work, how to integrate and manage them.

These sales funnels have now become the very backbone of today’s digital marketing strategy. Gone are the days when the marketers were quite content with advertising to their target audience once. Now, they have to make sure that they advertise once and then be able to approach them again and for that, the Sales and Marketing Funnels are used.

The Hijack’d app will help you learn the basics of incorporating these funnels into your marketing strategy. In short, quite a valuable lesson to build up your online marketing skills.

DFY Landing and Squeeze Pages

Hijack’d provides you with ready-made DFY landing and squeeze pages. All you have to do is to plug in your affiliate link and that’s it. You can now send traffic to these pages and earn commissions when the traffic signs up or buys anything.

The benefit of this feature is that it saves your time and instead of you wasting time on conceiving and then implementing designs for your landing pages, can now focus on the more important part such as sending traffic to your pages.

Earn Commissions and Build List at the Same Time

Hijack’d follow what we call, Straight-line-Marketing where you not only make commissions but also build up your email list along the way.

This way, you can send out a promotional email more than once to the same lead thus multiplying your earning potential.

180 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Every Hijack’d subscription is backed by a bold, 180-days money-back guarantee. That’s around 6 months of safety net to use this traffic app and request a refund in case the app does not perform up to your expectations. Hijack’d team will give you your refund without any questions asked.

Access to Glynn Kosky’s 17+ Digital Information Products

When you subscribe to the Hijack’d traffic and commission app, you get access to other 17+ best-selling information digital products put together by Glynn and his team.

These products are:

  • $300 CPA Everyday
  • $500 CPA Everyday
  • CPA Coffee Shop Method
  • $200 Cash Hack
  • $2K CPA Traffic Jacker
  • $250 Cash Magnet
  • The Commission Glitch
  • Six Figure Influx
  • Million Dollar Toolbox
  • Overnight Commissions
  • Commission Toolbox
  • Pure Profit Payday
  • $100 CPA Daily
  • Commission Profit Hack
  • Instant Traffic Jacker
  • The Commission Magnet 
  • The Commission Blueprint

Other Benefits of Hijack’d

In addition to the above, here are more benefits that you can claim once you buy the Hijack’d app.

  • Pre-approved for multiple evergreen, high-ticket offer proven to convert – make $1000+ per sale
  • Step-By-Step Video Training – Covers the method from A-Z, including the software, traffic and tips for best results
  • Customizable Offers – Use this system to promote ANY offer you like in addition to the included premium product
  • Secret Money Link Technology
  • 10 Ways to Make Money Fast
  • Mentoring from Internet Millionaires
  • etc.

How Does Hijack’d Work?

Now, to an important question. How does Hijack’d actually work?

To be honest, the basic premise of Hijack’d as a traffic and commission app is not that complicated. If I want to simplify it for you, then here’s a crux in just a few bullet points:

  • Every Hijack’d user gets access to Done-For-You landing pages and funnels
  • The user has to sign up for the high-ticket affiliate programs
  • User grabs the affiliate link, copies and pastes it “under-the-hood” in the Hijack’d app
  • Now, all the user has to do is to send as much traffic as possible to these landing pages

Hijack’d – Upsells

Hijack'd OTO - Upsells

There are some additional features that you can unlock by upgrading your subscription. There are numerous Hijack’d upsells that you can buy and here’s a list of them along with their added benefits.

Upsell #1 – Hijack’d Unlimited – OTO 1

Upsell #2 – Automated Traffic – OTO 2

Upsell #3 – ATM Edition – OTO 3

Upsell #4 – Ultimate Edition

Upsell #5 – License Rights

Upsell #6 – $30K in 30 Days

Upsell #7 – Bonus Builder

Upsell #8 – Million Dollar Edition

Hijack’d – Bonuses

With every Hijack’d App subscription you will get access to some high-value adding bonuses absolutely FREE of cost. These bonuses are:

Bonus #1 – $1,000 Zero Cost Auto Bot – Value $1,997

HiJack'd Free Bonus 1 - Zero Cost Auto Bot

Bonus #2 – $225 Daily ClickBank Profit Check – Value $997

HiJack'd Free Bonus 2 - Daily ClickBank Profit

Bonus #3 – $0 to $1,000 a Day in 2 Days – Priceless

HiJack'd Free Bonus 3 - 1000 a Day in 2 Days

Bonus #4 – First Sale in the Next 11 Minutes – Priceless

HiJack'd Free Bonus 4 - First Sale in the Next 11 Minutes

Special Bonus #1 – Profit Doubler App Extra Surprise Bonus = Value $3,997

Hijack'd $300 Per Hour Special Bonus

Hijack’d – Pros and Cons

Now, let’s discuss the upsides and downsides of the Hijack’d app. Of course, not everything is going to be unicorns and rainbows when it comes to anything and one has to consider both the merits and the demerits before taking a leap of faith. So here are both the pros and cons of Hijack’d traffic app.

  • Decent features at afforable price
  • Done-For-You landing and squeeze pages allows you to focus on generating traffic rather than working on the design and other technical aspects
  • Opportunity to learn about both free and paid traffic strategies
  • Learn about sales and marketing digital funnels
  • Hjack’d promotes some really high-ticket affiliate commissions for which you are PRE-APPROVED so you can bag higher commissions as compared to when you promote other affiliate programs with average or low commission rates
  • “Straight-Line-Marketing” ensures that you build up your list while also making commissions and that without even sending out emails
  • 100+ premium lead-magnets available for free to increase your opt-in and conversion rates
  • No need to pay for hosting as all the squeeze and landing pages are hosted on Hijack’d’s premium servers
  • Opportunity to mingle with other successful online marketers and learn from them
  • 180 days money-back-guarantee
  • Not all features are available unless you buy upsells
  • Will need to sign up for (or even buy) other software to use the app effectively

  • Hijack’d is not a magic pill. You will still have to work on your traffic so that the maximum numbers of visitors can see and buy (or sign up to) your affiliate offers

  • Most of the training can be found online for free

Hijack’d App is Best for…!

The underlying concept of these online money-making apps is that in most cases, it is meant to simplify and automate the whole process which means that even a layman can use and put them to good use without needing to dive into the depths of technical details.

Keeping this in view, here’s a list of people who can benefit the most from the Hiack’d Traffic App.

  1. Total beginners who want to learn the basics of digital marketing
  2. Those who want to establish an additional online passive income source.
  3. Those with no knowledge of online money-making or digital marketing. Hijack’d can be a good source to take the first step
  4. Those who want to learn about free and paid traffic methods and apply some hands-on
  5. Beginners in online marketing who want to get their hands on some really cool and valuable Glynn Kosky’s products digital products

How to Make (Passive) Money Online Using Hijack’d App?

Now, addressing the main crux of the app. We’ve all seen how the Hijack’d app works. This should give a clear idea that how can you put it to use, however, just to simplify a bit, let me show you how can you earn passive income online using the Hijack’d traffic and commission app.

Sending Traffic to Your Landing Page

Since you have access to ready-made landing (and squeeze) pages in Hijack’d, all you have to do is to sign up for the relevant high-ticket affiliate programs, grab your affiliate link and then paste it in the Hijack’d app. Now, all you have to do is display these landing pages in front of as many people as possible.

You’ll earn affiliate commissions as soon as any visitor either signs up to the webinar or buys the course.

It’s classical affiliate marketing and CPA marketing but with less effort. With Hijack’d you can focus all your efforts on the traffic instead of worrying about the design and other technical aspects of your landing pages which means that once you master the art of attracting maximum traffic, you can literally make money while you sleep.

Collecting Email Leads and then Sending them Marketing Emails

Talking about making money in your sleep, what can be a more lucrative source of passive income other than Email Marketing? Veterans highly regard it as the online marketing channel that gives the best ROI and Hijack’d seems to rely on it as well.

As I’ve mentioned above one of the key benefits of Hijack’d is that it not only helps you earn a commission but also builds your email list along the way.

Hijack’d App – Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Qs)

What is Hijack’d Traffic and Commission App?

Hijack’d is a cloud-based app that provides you with an interface to add your own affiliate links in the DFY squeeze and landing pages. All you have to do is to

How much does Hijack’d cost?

The current price of Hijack’d is $19 before the discount. There is a discount of $3 which brings down the price to just $16.

Who is the founder of Hijack’d app?

The founder of Hijack’d is Glynn Kosky who manages a team that goes with the name of Super Warriors. Glynn Kosky, who is a successful online marketer himself, along with his team has so far produced 40+ digital products earning them well over 7-figures

Does Hijack’d require any installation?

Absolutely not. Since Hijack’d is a cloud-based app, you can use it from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

Are there any upsells?

  • Upsell #1 – Hijack’d Unlimited – OTO 1
  • Upsell #2 – Automated Traffic – OTO 2
  • Upsell #3 – ATM Edition – OTO 3
  • Upsell #4 – Ultimate Edition
  • Upsell #5 – License Rights
  • Upsell #6 – $30K in 30 Days
  • Upsell #7 – Bonus Builder
  • Upsell #8 – Million Dollar Edition

Are there any bonuses?

  • Bonus #1 – $1,000 Zero Cost Auto Bot – Value $1,997
  • Bonus #2 – $225 Daily ClickBank Profit Check – Value $997
  • Bonus #3 – $0 to $1,000 a Day in 2 Days – Priceless
  • Bonus #4 – First Sale in the Next 11 Minutes – Priceless
  • Special Bonus #1 – Profit Doubler App Extra Surprise Bonus = Value $3,997
  • Special Bonus #2 – Underground $1,000 Per Day Live Training – Value $2,997

Does Hijack’d offer support to its users?

Yes, every Hijack’d traffic app user gets top-quality 24/7 US-based support.

Is there any Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes, Hijack’d app offers a whopping 180-days money-back guarantee. That’s basically 6 months of risk-free usage rights of their app.

Final Thoughts – Is Hijack’d App Legit?

Now, let’s wind up our Hijack’d review by giving a verdict if Hijack’d app is actually legit and safe and if it’s even worth your money.

Well, as far as the claims of making $997 per day in affiliate commissions are concerned, they seem to be quite far-fetched and inflated and this is what almost all the money-making apps do (does not mean in any sense that I’m justifying this practice) as they hype up their performance and even if they’re not misstating, they present outliers as a norm.

So as far as the beta-testers testimonies on their website are concerned, I’m sure that they are not realistic at all. So don’t fall for them. Who knows, maybe they are not even real users and just a bunch of models from stock images website.

However, as far as the effectiveness of the Hijack’d app is concerned, given the paltry sum of $16 (or $19 before discount), Hijack’d app does offer great value for money.

The level of training is quite generic so don’t expect to stumble upon any “secret” recipe. You can learn all of it for free on YouTube or other blogs. The only benefit though is that apps like these compile all the information in one place so you don’t have to wander a lot.

The key is to use the app to its full potential and don’t rush into buying the upsells straightaway. Use the basic version of the app and then analyze which features you want to unlock to reap more benefits. In the end, there’s always a 180-day money-back guarantee to save the day for you.

Feel free to try Hijack’d traffic and commission app from the link below: