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Review: Secret Email System By Matt Bacak

Matt Bacak - Secret Email System - Review
Matt Bacak's Secret Email System boasts helping you create a 7-figure online business with very little effort in long term. So I purchased his system, downloaded it, put it to test, and now, here's my review.

Matt Bacak’s Secret Email System claims that it’ll help you build a 7-figure online business all by using the power of Email Marketing.

In this review, we’ll see if Matt Bacak’s claim holds any water and is it even worth its salt or if these are all just hollow claims and yet another addition to the never-ending list of spams in the online money-making niche.

Unfortunately, the MMO niche is marred with spammy products and tall claims that guarantee you to turn you into a millionaire without you even lifting a finger but as it sounds, they turn out to be a complete dud.

We’ll also see who Matt Bacak is anyway and how much does his Secret Email System cost? Most importantly, what are the pros and cons of the Secret Email System and who should even buy it.

But before starting our review, here’s a small but important disclosure.

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What is Secret Email System by Matt Bacak?

In simple words, the secret email system is a book written by Matt Bacak that helps you how can you leverage the power of email and build a business for yourself.

Now, if you’ve skimp through my blog, you must know that I’m a big fan of email marketing.

In fact, not just me but even the veterans and seasoned marketers have now started to shift their focus from other online businesses to build their own email lists.

I won’t go through the details here but if you’re interested to know why then you should read my other article, 7 reasons why should you create your own email list.

Now, without any further ado, let’s jump on to the Secret Email System review.

Secret Email System by Matt Bacak – Review

Who Is Matt Bacak?

To be honest, before I encountered Secret Email System, I had no clue about Matt Bacak and as I started to investigate his credibility, my belief in the famous mantra that I came to hear about while I was learning about CPA Marketing, got even firm.

And that’s the famous saying in digital marketing, “The most successful online marketers work in shadows”.

Going through Matt’s credentials, he resembles one of those. However, he’s not completely in the dark as you may find him collecting awards and giving talks here and there.

Starting his internet marketing journey back in 1997, when many people didn’t even know about the internet, Matt has amassed a noteworthy experience of 24 years (so far) in this niche.

In order to establish Matt’s rapport, here are some of his accolades.

1. Best Selling Author

Matt has written and published more than a couple of books in online marketing and self-help niches. Although you may find his articles here and there all over the internet, but as far as his books are concerned, some of them went on to become best-sellers as well.

Here are some of his books.

Matt Bacak's Books
Matt Bacak’s Books

2. 2010 Internet Marketer Of The Year

Just to add another layer of authenticity to Matt’s capabilities as a digital marketer, he was awarded the internet marketer of the year in the year 2010 by The Internet Marketing and JV Superconference. 

3. Built a List Of 1.2 Million Subscribers In Just 6 Months

Back in 2009, Matt was challenged to bootstrap a million-dollar business and within just 6 months, he was able to amass a list of 1.2 million subscribers. No wonder, why is Secret Email System is about Email Marketing. Because that’s his turf.

4. Has Built More Than 3 Multi-Million Dollar Businesses From Ground Up

In the span of 25 years, Matt has managed to build more than 3 (4 as far as I know) multi-million dollar businesses. These businesses are his own and in addition to the clients’ businesses that he helps as a business consultant.

In addition to the above, Matt has appeared on national television with his own segment, “how to make money using the Internet..the real way” and currently runs a platform to help businesses and clients that goes with the name of The Profit Coalition.

You can also find Matt blogging regularly on his blog

I believe that’s enough introduction. Let’s jump on to the main topic for which you’re here. So let’s get started.

What Is Matt Bacak’s Secret Email System?

Originally, the Secret Email System is a book in which Matt has squeezed his valuable experience in teaching that how can you leverage the power of email marketing to create a thriving business that runs on auto-pilot and generates passive income for you.

In Matt’s own words, Secret Email System reveals that how Matt built a 7-Figure Online Business using nothing but Ethical Email Marketing to drive revenue, sales, and commissions

How Much Does Secret Email System Cost?

The price of the Secret Email System is quite economical. Just $5.60.

Although, Matt does say that he’s going to raise the price soon but he’s been saying that for the past year. However, do keep in mind that I am not guaranteeing that he won’t raise the price anytime in the future.

It’s just that this is something that Internet Marketers normally do to invoke a sense of urgency and force people to take action.

So this could be one of those marketing gimmicks or maybe Matt does plan to increase the price. Only he can tell that.

Are There Any Bonuses Available With The eBook?

As a matter of fact yes. With the purchase of the Secret Email System, Matt is also providing 10 different bonuses that can potentially provide a value of $1,645. Here are the details:

Secret Email System - Bonuses
  1. Irresistable Offer Video Guide ($97 Value) – This will teach you how to pick high-converting irresistable offers to promote
  2. Seret Email System Checklist ($47 Value) – This checklist guides you in a step-by-step manner that how can you implement the right system in order to generate maximum results
  3. 3X-Formula Calculator ($97 Value) – This is the profit equation that Matt uses to maximize his sales by calculating essential metrics such as subscribers clicks, EPC and other basic indicators
  4. $2.1 Million Email Swipe File ($497 Value) – This consists of 1,000 highly convertible, action-instigating emails curated by Matt himself. According to Matt, these emails have generated him more than $2.1 millio USD over the years
  5. Secret 357,582 Lead Gen Template ($297 Value) – Again, these are the landing page templates that Matt has used to generate 357,582 leads.
  6. 10,978 New Leads Daily Masterclass ($197 Value) – Access to highly valuable masterclass where Matt will guide you how can you generate 10,978 leads daily. That’s literally a bomb. As an SES customer, you will be receiving this masterclass in form of daily emails.
  7. Secrets of Millionaires Mind Book ($19 Value) – Available as a bonus with your download of the Secret Email System. Although books of these types have become a cliche lately but it doesn’t hurt getting your hands on it if it’s available without any cost as a bonus
  8. Gigantic Swipe File Book ($297 Value) – A swipe file is a collection of taglines, headlines, copies and other content that has helped any copywriter generate sales or trigger conversion. Copywriters maintain these swipe files so that they can refer to and see what has been converted over time. Imagine you can get your hands on to them instantly. The same swipe file that it must have taken years for Matt to create. It’s all yours in a jiffy.
  9. Free Breakthrough Session With Matt’s Team ($97 Value) – This is a single session that will be carried out by one of the members of the Matt’s team to guide you how to best implement the secret email system so that you extract the maximum value out of this product.
  10. Access to Matt’s Private Facebook Group (Priceless) – Of course, you cannot put a value to this bonus. Imagine a platform of like-minded people discussing the tricks of the trade and troubleshooting problems. You can gain access to it with the Secret Email System.

What Will You Learn From Secret Email System?

This is an important question. Of course, I cannot share each and every detail but I will definitely try to shed some light on the outline of the book’s content. This way you will have a better idea if this book is suitable for you.

But before letting you know that what the Secret Email System teaches you, let’s start with what it DOES NOT teach.

Unlike many other online courses that claim to teach you how to make money online, SES does not teach:

  • How to create a blog or website
  • How to create your own product
  • How to design and create a sales page, go through the patient-testing ordeal of writing long sales copies
  • How to create an up-sell page
  • How to create a member’s area (the software in the SES’s upsell will do that for you see below in the Upsells section)
  • How to manage customer support

According to Matt, these are old and boring tactics to make money which require long hours and active involvement. What Matt is preaching is to be as passive as possible.

Therefore, what the Secret Email System DOES teach you are:

  1. How to choose an attractive market with huge demand
  2. How to pick an irresistable offer
  3. How to sign up for high-ticket affiliate programs
  4. How to buy a domain that closely aligns with your irresistable offer
  5. How to get an autoresponder
  6. How to create an opt-in page
  7. How to create pre-landers (or as Matt puts, pre-frame page) to build your list
  8. How to pick the best traffc source with huge traffic and send it to your opt-in page to and convert them into subscribers
  9. How to scale this whole system and keep doing it again and again with minimum input

Although, I won’t claim that what SES teaches is unique as I have seen many other courses teaching the same but one has to start from somewhere and all of this, especially at the price of just $5.60, is no doubt, a tremendous bang for your buck.

Having said that, Matt claims that content marketing is dead and the activities like blogging and trying to sell through creating long-form articles are on the decline and that’s why he’s focusing on the email. Although, I do not deny the importance of email and building your own list but I surely have some reservations about his first claim.

To cut the long story short, here’s the difference between what Matt says is the old, boring way to make money from the internet vs his own new way to do the same but with a lot less effort.

Matt Bacak - Secret Email System - Old Way vs New Way

Who Should Try Secret Email System?

Now, to an important question.

Who should actually go ahead and give Secret Email System a try?

Needless to say, the one-size-fits-all mantra does not apply here. Well, speaking the truth, it does not apply to the majority of the cases so SES is not unique.

If you’re looking for my opinion then what I’ve learned about this product, I’d say that SES is best suitable for beginners who haven’t given email marketing a chance yet.

So if you’re a relatively new blogger (or even a vlogger) who never thought about collecting leads using your content then I’d recommend you to give Secret Email System a try.

Also if you’re an affiliate marketer then learning how to collect leads and getting in touch with them can really boost your online income.

Are There Any Upsells?

As a matter of fact, yes.

Although the ebook is quite sufficient to get you up and running when it comes to Email Marketing but Matt will also pitch you some upsells (and downsells) that can add even more value to your learning.

There are 2 upsells that you can expect after buying and downloading the SES:

  1. Ultimate Email Marketing Package (Originally $97 but available at $47 as a deal)
  2. Secret Email Mastermind ($9.95/month, $84/year)

Both these upsells are essentially access to the VIP areas where you can learn tricks of the trade to run successful email campaigns. This also includes the collection of even more email swipes, email writing tricks, and other useful videos to help set up even better email marketing campaigns.

Of course, there’s more to that. I’ve just shared with you the most basic value these upsells will add to your life.

How To Download Secret Email System?

  1. First, you need to follow this link
  2. Enter your email address and phone number (this is optional) and click Go To Step #2 button
    How to download Secret Email System - Step 2
  3. Enter your name and Credit Card details and click the Checkout button
    How to Download Secret Email System  - Step 3 - Checkout
  4. Wait for some time so that your download is ready. Once done, you can download your file by clicking either of the links below. In addition to this, you will also recieve a link in your email to download the file.
    Download Secret Email System - Windows and Mac

My Personal Experience With Secret Email System

Once I saw matt’s product getting traction, I decided to give it a try. Another reason was, of course, to write a detailed review so that my readers could make an informed decision themselves.

So I went ahead and purchased Secret Email System.

Secret Email System - Access Purchase

Downloading all the files was relatively hard. Since the file is around 600 Mbs, the download was interrupted 6-8 times ending up with Network Error.

However, in the end, my persistence triumphed and now I have the complete set of all the files, ebooks, and other informational content in a single package.

Secret Email System - Files

So how did I find and rate the Secret Email System?

Well, specifically talking about my background, since I’m not a beginner, have been in the Online Money Making niche for some time and more importantly, have done some of the email marketing myself, for me, the Secret Email System has very little knowledge.

However, I’m much more intrigued by the other bonuses that come with SES.

The first is the Gigantic Swipe File. That’s 161 pages of solid content based on headings, taglines, and copies proven to sell products in multiple niches.

Gigantic Swipe Files Book - Table of Contents

As a blogger who tries to make a living through text-based content, I do appreciate the effectiveness of catchy headlines and taglines and how they can make or break any product. So for me, this swipe file is a treasure. I just need to tweak them a bit and it’s all gold.

The second valuable bonus is the book, Internet Millionaire Mind Book written by Matt himself. This is available on Amazon for $19 but with SES, you get it for free as a bonus.

And the Third bonus that I liked most is access to Matt Bacak’s private Facebook group. This group is quite active with lots of wannabe as well as veteran digital marketers asking and responding to important questions.

Matt himself can be found quite active here.

Although, you don’t need to buy SES in order to become its member but since I got to know about this group through SES, I thought I should give due credit here.

So all of this value for just $5.60, that’s what I found most exciting as an intermediate-level online marketer.

Sure for a beginner, SES holds way more value than this.

Pros & Cons of Secret Email System

Of course, not every product is perfect. That applies to SES as well and after using it for some time, I have figured out a few pros and cons that I believe you should know about.

  • Secret Email System is quite economical packed with enormous value
  • Quite practical and easy to follow for beginners
  • Mentions some new traffic sources that are not used by everyone
  • The free bonuses are great and worth significantly more than your original investment
  • Access to Matt’s private Facebook group
  • Access to one of Matt’s team members to get up and running with SES
  • The main eBook, Secret Email System is not super-detailed and Matt has gone through each topic superficially
  • The whole package is more than 600 mb so make sure that you have good internet otherwise you will have difficulties and the download will keep getting disrupted

  • The eBook mentions only paid traffic sources and the reason that Matt shares is that nothing in life is free. For free traffic sources, you have to pay in terms of time. Though I don’t disagree but still this is the downside that I can think of

How Can Matt Bacak’s Secret Email System Help You Earn Passive Income Online?

To be honest, the Secret Email System is in fact all about creating a digital business that helps you earn Passive Income Online.

Matt Bacak has stressed quite a few times that if his system is implemented in its entirety, it will help you generate thousands in a single month.

All without working too hard!

Now, I gotta be super-honest with you here.

With all my experience of testing out different courses and products in the MMO niche over the years, claims like these have started to freak me out as almost all of them are just mere overstatements to make you buy whatever they’re selling.

So we will hold Matt’s claim with the same level of skepticism.

Despite his stellar credentials.

Sure he mentions about his students who are now playing in dough and raking in millions in a year but let’s presume that they are outliers.

Having said that, the potential of building your own list and then marketing them cannot be downplayed and there are indeed many digital marketers who have made fortune out of it.

So how can Secret Email System help you make money online passively?

The answer is simple.

It will teach you how to build and grow your email list. Of course, just building an email list is not enough. You need to send them affiliate offers in order to earn commissions.

Matt’s system does not teach you to become an affiliate of ordinary programs. In fact, the system will guide you on how can you be a part of high-ticket affiliate programs so that you earn the maximum out of each sale.

Many people think that promoting expensive programs with high commissions is relatively difficult as the conversion rates are too low but what the veteran digital marketers have learned from their experience is that over the long term, both the high and the low-ticket programs require the same level of efforts.

So it’s far better to promote programs with higher commissions than to settle with lower ones.

Additionally, Matt also shares his proven, high-converting email copies so that you can send them to your subscribers making sure that your emails resonate with your readers and call them to action.

Most importantly, he will tell you how to set up an auto-responder so that you can send quality emails again and again and at the right time.

Additionally, when all the system is set up and you will learn how to scale it and every aspect starts performing like clockwork, this is where you can sit back, relax and see your bank account grow on auto-pilot. With very little input per week.

Does Matt Provide Any Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, if you’re not happy with the Secret Email System, Matt provides a 30-day “No-Questions-Asked” Money-Back guarantee.

Secret Email System - Money Back Guarantee

And the best part!

You get to keep the ebook as well. That shows Matt’s trust in his product.

So What’s The Verdict? Is Secret Email System Worth Buying?

If you’ve gone through this whole review then I believe this is a no-brainer.

If you’re a total beginner who wants to learn the ABCs of Email Marketing then matt’s SES will help you get your feet wet.

If you’re slightly experienced then you can benefit from the bonuses that come along with SES. Just make sure that you implement what you learn instead of just sitting around daydreaming and jumping from one course to another.

If you ask my opinion, Secret Email System is totally legit and worth investing in.