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7 Reasons Why You Should Invest In An Email Marketing Software

When trying to establish your own online business a single best investment that you can make is by investing in a top-of-the-line email marketing software. Here are 7 reasons why you should be investing in an

Whether you’re a blogger, an entrepreneur who uses either traditional or online means to reach the customers, a website owner or even a person who has a passion to create and distribute content, if you do not see email as an effective way to reach out to your customers or target audience, chances are that you’re leaving tons of money on the table. email google analytics reports are a popular way of understanding how your customers are interacting with your marketing campaigns.

Even worse, you’re not exploiting the most economical way of keeping in touch with your (potential) customers hence, not obtaining the true value for money on your online endeavors.

Luckily, all of the above can be taken care of by investing a very little amount from your piggy bank and investing it in subscribing to a good Email Marketing Software a.k.a an Autoresponder.

To build up a case in the favor of an email marketing software and to convince that why investing in an autoresponder is a wise choice towards a sustainable business development, The Usual Stuff has compiled a list of reasons that will surely convince you to pull out your wallet and invest in a decent email marketing software. Just make sure to do some system integration testing before going fully live with it to prevent hiccups.

So here we go.

7 Reasons you should Invest in an Email Marketing Software

#1. Create funnels to tap subscribers

Talking from experience, the most difficult and therefore, the most valuable part of your online career is collecting as much leads (list of subscribers) as possible.

Of course, they need to be strong as well but there’s a starting point for everything.

Email Marketing Software makes it easier to collect email leads as they provide you with different ready-made opt-in forms to place on your website.

Additionally, you can also time the appearance of these forms like should they appear after a visitor spends an “x” amount of time on your page, pop up on scrolling, etc. and many other options that make it possible for you (of course, after some testing) to attain maximum opt-in rates.

Moreover, the autoresponders enable you to offer incentives to your potential subscribers by offering them lead magnets (such as an ebook, infographics etc.). This also sky-rockets your opt-in rates.

In other words, the Email Marketing Software provides you the necessary tools to create a whole ecosystem (what we call a “Funnel”) to tap in maximum numbers of subscribers for your email list which you won’t be able to achieve by some other means.

#2. Automate your communications

Being an entrepreneur, the last thing you’d want is to waste your time in a bunch of non-value-adding activities.

Imagine emailing each and every one of your subscribers in your contact list a welcome email or any other important announcement. Sure you can create a group of your contacts and email this group every time instead of individually choosing the recipients of your email. But the thing is that who will organize this list?

What would happen if someone wants to opt out from your email list and does not want to receive any communications from you? How would you even keep track of that?

Luckily, an email marketing software handles all these chickens which do not lay eggs in a completely automated way. The best thing about the autoresponders is that you do not have to get consumed with it. Just focus on what adds value to your business and automate the rest of the task.

A good email marketing software organizes your list right from the beginning i.e. from the moment when a visitor chooses to become your subscriber to the point where he thinks it’s best to part ways. An automated text messaging software is also a great way to improve communication among your customers, giving them a way to keep up to date as well as a way of promoting your business.

An autoresponder keeps track of those who unsubscribed and therefore, avoids emailing them and thus saves you from potential litigation.

Moreover, you can organize your subscribers when they subscribe based on their geographical locations, the page on which they landed (so that you may have some insights about the general interest of your subscribers) and tons of other parameters to ensure that they receive only the most relevant emails from you.

The best part is that you don’t have to spend hours upon hours to set up the whole system. With the modern UI of most of the autoresponders makes it has become too simple even for a layman to handle such arduous tasks. Additionally, the thorough guides and tutorials also make your life a whole lot easier.

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#3. Update your Readers/Customers

To ensure sustainable growth, you need a group of loyal visitors/readers/customers who keep frequenting your blog/website especially when there’s a latest update.

Of course, you need to be pro-active in your marketing and instead of waiting for them reach out to you, you need to inform them every time when there’s something new and you to share with them.

Having an email marketing software enables you to intimate all of your subscribers in a jiffy. This, in turn, ensures a steady stream of visitors on your website.

Moreover, your subscribers will also feel your online presence and therefore, take you seriously when they’ll see your regular updates in their inbox thus, helps you in establishing your online business.

#4. Track your Communications

We’ve talked about the automation above. But every step towards automation is in vain when you don’t have a proper and effective feedback system in place gathering invaluable data.

Fortunately, all the popular email marketing software provide the whole bunch of parameters to gauge and then fine-tune the performance of your communication.

They can track data such as how many emails were “opened”, how many links in the email were clicked, what is the opt-in rate of your particular form and a whole bunch of other important information that helps you track the vital signs of your email marketing campaign.

In turn, this helps in creating an effective feedback loop system and if proper attention is given towards the tracked data, one can create a highly effective email campaign thus ensuring healthy ROI on your investment.

To add further, with the advent of machine learning and artificial intelligence, the autoresponders are making sure to spice up their features as well.

Therefore, every good autoresponder will provide you guidance if your drafted email will outsmart your subscribers’ spam filters.

The software that I use for email marketing even allows me to schedule an email to be sent at the time when it is most likely that it will be opened by the intended recipient. Although, not 100% foolproof but still many folds better than shooting blanks in the dark and hoping it hits the bullseye.

I would also recommend you to invest in a Free Mail Flow Monitor software or service that different companies can offer you business. Being able to manage the emails that are being sent out and ensuring they are successful in being delivered is vital for your business. Make sure you find the right service or software that will suit your business closest to your needs.

#5. Craft Eye-Catching Emails

That’s right. We all know that normal emails are a boring piece of a text-ridden template. Gazing through it takes some considerable effort. Absolutely nothing attractive about them. Of course, unless you receive an email from a generous Nigerian prince giving away one gazillion dollars.

While the contemporary email marketing software are not as kind as that Nigerian prince but they sure are sharp enough and possess the artistic vision to provide you with beautiful eye-catching email templates that compel your recipients to scroll through them without being hasty.

With these built-in templates, you don’t draft but craft emails making sure that they appear soothing to the eyes. Just choose from the thousands of templates that best suit your niche and start working from there.

This raises the probability that your message is received well by your readers thus maximizing reach.

While these templates are screen-responsive but at the same time, among the best features that these email marketing software provide is that you can see in a real-time that how your email would look like in different screens as well as when opened in different email systems (like Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail). So you don’t have to worry about how the final form of your email will appear on different screens of different devices even if you don’t own all these devices. You can see right from your own autoresponder account.


#6. Bypass Spam Filters

As I said above, the modern autoresponders come equipped with the latest machine learning algorithms. Of course, they have to do this just to stay ahead with the competition. One of the foremost benefits of this machine learning capability is that these software know (to a great accuracy, if not 100%) if your current email will bypass the spam filters.

This information is necessary in order to make sure that your email does not land in the junk folder of your reader.

So the foremost benefit of these email marketing software over the traditional mailing system is that it guides you how to make sure that your email bypasses the spam filter of the major email networks. Thus making sure that your efforts don’t go in vain.

#7. Effective Ecosystem to Help you Learn Email Marketing

Sure you can sign up for an email marketing course but at the end of the day, that knowledge remains theoretical. At the end of the day, the person who takes action wins.

These email marketing software thrive on a healthy community and to make sure that maximum numbers of people opt for their products, create an ecosystem which, in addition to helping to get along with their software specifically, also make sure that you’re abreast with the ins and outs of the email marketing in general.


The better you perform using their products, more likely are the chances that you will keep using them and at the same time, recommend them to others as well.

Therefore, the sustainable business model demands that the users bring more food to the table using their products and for that they conduct webinars, create social media pages and online forums, video guides, tutorials etc. where they give away valuable email marketing tips and tricks absolutely free of cost (most of the time). If you follow the tips closely, more likely the chances that you will get the full value of your money. In fact, way more than that.

Final Word

So with the last point above, I rest my case. Till today, if you were reluctant to invest in an email marketing software then I hope that this article must have helped clear your mind.

Think of it as an investment (and not as an expense) which at the short-term cost, will reap benefits in the long term by many folds.

Sure there are free autoresponders as well but they lack many vital features that I’ve mentioned above. Effectively, making them mere Bulk Email Senders instead of providing the whole package.

Many popular email marketing software provide free trial period. This will surely help you in testing their features so that you may be able to decide if the email marketing is really your piece of cake.

In case you need my recommendation, then I use the autoresponder which has all the features discussed above. You can grab a free and exclusive ebook guiding you about increasing your email open rates and boosting your conversions. Just click on the banner below.

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