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MegaPush & Mobytize Case Study – 125% ROI on CPA Offers

MegaPush and Mobytize 125 ROI Case Study

Last time, I wrote a review about MegaPush, an advertising network that pioneers Push Notifications.

Well, a few days ago, one of its users shared his case about how he achieved a whopping ROI of 125% on one of his campaign in which he promoted an offer based in the “dating” vertical.

I thought that sharing this case with you guys will help you realize among many things, the effectiveness of MegaPush to promote your campaigns as well as the potency of the push notifications in general.

Most importantly, it’s not a routine where some gurus share the exact offer that they promote. So make sure you reap the full benefits.

Here the case for you.


Offer: & Smartlink
The source of traffic:
AP: Mobytize
Period: 6.09.2018-6.12.2018
Spent: 1082$
Received: 2439$
Profit: 1357$
ROI: 125%

Case Study

Hello everyone!

Today I decided to write my case on dating which I was pouring successfully for a couple of months. In fact, this is my first experience to work with push-traffic and bourse in general. However, given that betting on the offer were delicious, and the competition was not high, I managed to pour in plus with a good ROI. In the meantime, I obtained work experience with push traffic and obtained various features, which I will share with you today in this article.


After first attempts to pour push notifications on dating, I started to look for the offers of this vertical, which had acceptable Price per Click in and the payouts of Affiliate Program. I stopped on the, which was in Mobytize AP. It was an SOI offer. I was especially surprised at payouts (desktop and mobile respectively).

MegaPush Mobytize Stats

In additional conditions was standing 21+ age. Therefore, the user who indicated age less than 21 – registration will not be counted. As it is a push notification, there is no possibility to target on age and by looking at the payments it was a clear minus.
However, by looking at the prices in on that moment and seeing that, they were not high and checking the payouts, I understood that I should go and test. 
On the very first days, the combination worked. Afterward, I tried to include a bigger circle and tried not to lose the ROI I had by that time. Up to some time, I was successful as has a lot of traffic, and the offer has wide GEO choices. As soon as ROI started to fall, I tested new approaches, creative and GEO. This way I pumped into Belgium, which brought me almost half of the profit of this case.
CAP. When the combination worked there was only one question left on which I couldn’t answer: it was CAP. I poured 100 CAP and was waiting for feedback from the advertiser and they gave me 100 limit, after which the dropped up to 400. Taken into account the payouts, this is already some kind of volume. This is for the record to those people who say that push does not work and there is no one buying from them.

Moving to settings and creative:

Settings of Ad Campaign.

I was pouring mainly on Desktop, on all Operating Systems. As everyone already knows, from this source of traffic the conversion of the desktop is lower than mobile, but I chose it because of the payouts and price per click.

Creatives and Landings.

I was pouring without pre-landing, as the offer is not adult and there are no problems with moderation. With landings, there are smart links. That is why I did not change anything.

Text part.

At this time the approach is quite used, but still somehow works. The idea of creative was to create an image of live communication. Title – the name of the girl, the location, age. The text- here there are a couple of options: started from the standard “Hi, how’re the things going?” ended with the offers of the meeting. I tried to do a maximum clear text, so as a result of translation it’ll not sound stupid and the google-translate will be enough.

The graphical part.

On a small picture, I tried mainly 3 approaches of creative: usual 18+, 21+, a picture of a symbol meaning getting to know someone and pictures with the meaning “new message”.
On a big picture-creative, there are mainly faces of beautiful girls, where only face or face-boobies are visible, all the rest are open pictures (not naked) only the body shape and etc. Here also we had to catch the line between model appearance and too much “realistic” pictures, as the creative where a model like a girl appeared was not converting, and so did the ones with “ordinary” appearance. In addition, there were different girls on different GEOs: on Scandinavia: blonde women, on Europe both blonde and dark-haired girls with Slavic appearance.
More precisely, I will not be putting here the creative I used, as they are still active on other offers. 

Now about the numbers:

I will not show all the statistics from, as I have lost the access to my first account. (Support team helped to transfer the left amount of budget to the new account, for which thank you.) There was spent about 233$.

MegaPush Mobytize 125% ROI Case Study

Here are the statistics from the current account:

Statistics in Affiliate Program Mobytize:

MegaPush Stats Affiliate Program Mobytize

A couple of recommendations from my experience with push-traffic and particularly with
Transfer. Via Google, it is the maximum allowed to translate widely used words/expressions, but already in a small sentence some mistakes are noticed, hence, the reaction of the users is negative which is reflected on the conversion. Therefore, do not be greedy and order the translation.

The observation of the specifics of the GEO. Before pouring on this or that GEO, obtain more detailed information on it on Google/Wikipedia: the specifics and differences of the appearance of the girls on that GEO, which language they use more (for instance, in most of the European countries it is about 3-4 languages). In addition, if you use names in creative, find in google what names are widely popular among the youth in those GEOs.
I would like to highlight separately macros {city}, which shows the geo of the user via IP. In creative, it’s possible to come up with a couple of approaches. In my case, it was not bad.
And of course, watch and analyze the traffic, pay special attention to the existing changes, which is permitted to optimize and get the offer with high ROI.

The existing variables in MP.

The number of variables with which it’s possible to pass tests and which play a role in conversion is less comparable with other popular traffic sources (there’s no this kind of target of interests, age, gender, etc.) Anyways, these variables exist and there is a need to press on them in order to achieve maximal results. Now, more precisely:

-Creatives and approaches to them. Try to pour and test a couple of approaches on this or other GEO/offer;
-Landing. The same – the more you test the higher are chances to find a landing page with good conversion;
-Pre-landing (also test without it);
-Time of the week;
– Time of the day;
-Device (Desktop/mobile)

Hope this was helpful and you have taken something for yourself from this case.
Thank you for reading and wish you high ROI. 🙂

Final Word

The golden nugget that I believe can serve as a takeaway from this case study is that you always need to split test alternate options if you want your campaign to reek cash.

Secondly, the OP earned $1347 in 3 months. That doesn’t look like much but I’m sure that this must be one of the many campaigns that he might be running.

Before concluding, just in case you want to give push notifications are try, you can create your account at MegaPush and start promoting your CPA and affiliate offers.